I’ve missed the biggest opportunity of my life.

I didn’t sing or listen to Taylor Swift, as promised.

I also learnt my tolerance of alcohol has hit rock bottom, this is very similar to how I spent the end of my party – on the bathroom floor. I blame the end of university and a lack of pub evenings enjoyed by putting the world to rights with a pint in hand.

It appears that 22 will bring a whole host of new beginnings. Am I now old? I crashed by 1 a.m., in bed at my own party. My self inflicted misery meant I didn’t eat until 1pm the next day (definitely starting to struggle with hangovers). I did my best to tidy up the house but thank god for my brother giving me a hand, what would I do without him?

[On a side note, today a new girl at work that I was training heard my manager say I’d been with the company for 4 years and asked how old I was. I just said, “22,” and went back to the stuff I was trying to teach her. She exclaimed, “really?” To which I replied, “yep.” So it wasn’t exactly a positive “really?” I’m not 50… I know people don’t believe me when I tell them my age, they always think I’m younger because of the environment I work in, but 22 isn’t old. I could see my life flashing before my eyes. I was officially old to her. Past my good years. Elderly. ‘Should retire’ hung above my head. I’m young though.]

I’m trying to work out how to you make this funny? I suppose the funny bit is my life. Any way, I’ve spent the past week wondering how you’re supposed to be witty. I feel like if you can be witty and be real, then people will enjoy reading your blog. So I’ve been here doubting this blog and whether I even have the skill to pull it off. I’ll keep going though because I’m resilient (refer to ‘The Struggles of being 22’ to see that I’m trying to prove to myself that I can survive my 20s and this grad life).

This blog is a purpose in amongst all the job hunting and mind-numbing activities I do at work. I also need to be able to show potential employers I can write because I’ve been applying for jobs in publishing and editorial work but then again I kind of want this to be anonymous. I just want to talk honestly with you guys. I need to build up my confidence in my writing and also develop a style.


The party was actually such a good night other than my minor mishap. I loved catching up with my uni friends and it was likely to be the last house party my brother ad I throw because we’re getting two dogs (more news to come).

It was so nice because I’d told my uni friends that actually our house parties usually go well and our work friends get excited; not to brag or anything, but they are fun! My friend said, “I understand what you meant now,” the morning after, so that helped with the hangover! Maybe a career change should be in mind? Party/event planner?

I joke of course, I can’t even organise my life, let alone someone else’s important event.

I mean we all say we’re organised and can stick to deadlines. Thing is I am 100% last minute, or at least I was at university, maybe 22 will bring with it the surprise of organisation? However, there was nothing like a looming deadline at university to get me motivated.

It’s that, “Diamonds are made under pressure” bullshit.

Although, it’s not exactly bs, more like science and whilst unbelievably motivational if you’re struggling, it’s also a pretty way of dressing up shit to say you’re running behind.

I like to look organised. Don’t get me wrong, I wish I was. Some weeks I actually am. I admit, my favourite way to be organised is lists. I bloody love a list. Absolutely no motivation or imagination to do more than a list but it’s the thought that counts right?


P.S. Reading back on this, I’m working out that maybe I shouldn’t have talked about wanting to appeal to potential employers, as well as how unorganised I am in the same post. Possibly one to leave out when sending examples of my work?


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