Adulting is…

Being an adult is:

  • Planning ahead, like not drinking all of your Tango ice blast in the cinema before the film starts, you can’t just rely on your boyfriend and his large sprite.
  • Going to the dentist on your own
  • Making a decision
  • Taking risks like uploading your first blog post without getting someone to read through it
  • Adulting is buying a Hamster for someone else’s kids
  • Saying “because I’m an adult” whenever you do something
  • Having dog cuddles to help with stress relief
  • Supporting your other adults in their time of breakdowns by feeling happy and successful when you can at least prevent their breakdown by making them smile
  • Having to plan how to survive adulthood (or at least the week!)
  • Taking responsibility for your actions
  • Knowing your limits in life and alcohol
  • Saying no to take aways
  • Putting up with conversations about the weather and still managing to remain polite
  • Knowing when an argument isn’t worth having
  • Not giving up even though you’ve cried 3 times this week
  • Kind of shit sometimes tbh
  • Recognising when you need to be kinder to people
  • Knowing when not to share information you have (I’m still mostly practicing this one)
  • Thinking about doing a bad thing but not doing it – Iain Stirling, ‘U ok Hun?’ Tour, 30th March 2018
  • Making sure you look after yourself
  • Learning about life balance
  • Giving yourself 2 days off in a row because 1 day off a week is not ok
  • Being smart enough to get a £5 manicure in Ubud, Bali – smart spending!!
  • Going to an interview even when your jetlagged AF because the beginning of your career could depend on it. (It actually did!!)
  • Buying a huge bag of sweets to make it through your flight – planning
  • Replying “Thanks mom” in a terrible American accent when your friend reminds you to do something important
  • Learning that bank holidays are for day drinking
  • Learning your limits
  • Realising that people aren’t who they used to be and supporting that
  • Sticking to deadlines that you’ve set for yourself
  • Supporting people who are brave enough to ask for help.

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