Don’t Get Your Tinsel in a Tangle!

Christmas is approaching rapidly this year, although, I swear we say this every year and to be honest it’s the same number of days each December.

So I’m on my travels home from Surrey. Trains are delayed, AGAIN. More signalling issues. Like the people of Britain are even shocked by shit train service any more.

Last night I met up with my course mates from uni and we had a cute Christmas meal, at MEATliquor, in central with Secret Santa. It was so lovely, 10/10 to Meg for managing to organise us all because 9/11 people were there, which is a pretty impressive effort from our group.

So any way, with Secret Santa for a Christmas meal, plus Secret Santa at work, plus general Christmas present shopping. All in all, I’ve been thinking a lot about present buying. Stressing about presents more like, even though it’s supposed to be a bit of fun and it should be, so when did it become a mad panic? When did we stop enjoying buying gifts? I for one, hate buying presents. I’m gonna donate money in everyone’s name instead (something I’ve genuinely debated for difficult people). Adulting is having to buy presents when your mum used to do that hard work for you and then one year it just became your responsibility. WHHHHHY THOUGH.

I was talking to a colleague recently about her box of presents to regift. I think all mum’s have one but realistically the point of Christmas suggests that shouldn’t be the case. We shouldn’t be giving away useless crap to everyone that will sit in a box in the cupboard waiting to be regifted. You should buy something personal, I believe if someone is important enough to buy a present for, you should probably have some kind of idea of what you can get them and it doesn’t have to cost loads. My boyfriend is ridiculously difficult to buy for, he likes simple things and doesn’t care for unnecessary clutter. This is why I need him because I’m such a hoarder and he tells me to stop. I have a few ideas for him but they’re not hundreds of pounds. They’re things he’ll appreciate and laugh at.

He was saying the other day about how Christmas isn’t as fun any more because it seems to have become who can spend the most money or buy the most. To be honest I never want that. Christmas, to me, is spending time with family and enjoying yourself.

It’s the oldest saying in the book, but

“It’s the thought that counts.”

It’s true though. If someone has taken the time to buy you something and put thought into it then what more do you need?

Don’t buy useless shit this year.

Spend time with your loved ones.

Enjoy yourself.



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  1. A very thought provoking read. Too often now we forget about the pleasure of getting a little something for someone, just for the actual pleasure that person will have from receiving it.


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