Blog Post No#7

I know I said I wanted to try and post a new blog pretty consistently and I’m already doing a bad job. I spent the whole week thinking something will inspire me, I’ll think of something and then Friday came and went, and I knew Saturday would be busy so I tweeted saying I’d blog something Sunday when I was probably hung over in bed. Then Sunday came and went, and so did Monday, and now it’s 00:30 on Tuesday and I’ve decided it’s a good time to start typing something out…

(That was a lot of ‘and’s!)

In the past week I have been to a Christmas party (but forgot to take any decent photos), gone out clubbing, had my first Jägerbomb, realised I have zero NYE plans, had my first Sunday in months off work, broken my bank, complained about work, seen Star Wars: The Last Jedi, wrapped my Christmas presents and FINALLY tidied my room.

I’m not sure how much of that list is adulting but I’m doing my best.

I’ll start with a broken bank account. I am broke(ish). I’ve had to transfer £500 out of my savings to pay for December due to a slight madness, going overboard on Christmas presents this year. My brother is midway through his Navy training so I’m waiting for him to get home to pay me half back!

Number two is the Christmas party. I’m just going to have a small boast but I took the cutest selfie in a long time, normally I just look like an egg, but this was half decent and I didn’t save it without a bloody snapchat filter. WHY! After the glass at predrinks and the glass of Prosecco on arrival, there was no going back. I was stuck on wine. Wine is no one’s friend, it seems to be a symbol of sophistication but in reality it crumbles all who dare drink the gone off grape juice. Any way, after many bad experiences, I decided to be sensible and stop drinking eventually. I actually had such a good time, I got to spend time with a lot of lovely people and it sounds like everyone had a good night.

Number three, I did my first ever Jägerbomb. EVER. (I also had to google how to spell Jäger.) So basically my boyfriend drunk Jäger when we were about 18/19 and threw up out of his bedroom window. It’s all I could smell so I’ve just never, ever touched the stuff. Any way, I was brave and with stood two rounds of Jägerbombs and peer pressure. Round three, I gave in. I was right, it was fucking grim. I don’t even like red bull so I don’t know why I thought it would be a good idea. I also can’t neck drinks so it took me two attempts to finish it off. Any way, that was that and now I can safely stay away from them.

Number four, I went clubbing for a friend’s birthday after my Christmas party. It was fun to see my friends and it was certainly an experience in a new club with a few slightly creepy lads and some more friendly ones.

So number five is having my first Sunday off in months. Literally the best feeling ever, I’d saved my holiday to have Sunday off after the Christmas party. I spent the whole day in bed, I even had a nap and then we went to the cinema.

Number six, we saw the new Star Wars film. I was sooo excited. I have mixed feelings about the film but I guess I’ll just have to wait painfully for another two years to pass before the third instalment.

Number seven, I have zero NYE plans. All my friends from home are seeing their uni friends, my boyfriend is seeing his friends and I’m obviously invited to go along clubbing with them but I don’t want to crash his boys night. I don’t think I’m keen on staying home this year though.

Number eight, I had a really messy room because instead of tidying it I just remained in denial and kept sleeping at Josh’s because I couldn’t actually get into my own bed. Any way, these clothes that were piled on my bed are now in piles on my bedroom floor, waiting to go into my wardrobe. So actually, I only half tidied my room but I got too tired and bored and got into bed. Then I started typing instead of sleeping which is pretty stupid, but I’m an adult now so I have to live with these choices. It also means I will not be going to HIITS in the morning – sorry Anna.

Number nine, I finally wrapped all my Christmas presents, bar a few extras that are in the post…

Number ten, I am fully aware that I need a new job. I love some of the little heroes that I work with but we’re all going to move on to bigger and better things. I promised myself that when I graduated I would leave my part time college/university job. That was back in July, but I’m really hoping 2018 will be that year, without sounding too cheesy. If I hit the five year anniversary of working for the company, I’m worried I’ll be there forever. Part of the crew, part of the ship.

Any way, not the most interesting post, hoping it’s more interesting than my list which was rubbish according to a certain manager who refers to himself as the People’s Champion (here’s a test because he says he reads these posts!).

Please spread the link to my blog if you enjoy anything that I write!



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