I know it’s late but post no#8

In this blog post I talk absolute shit – sorry.

Trying to be an adult means budgeting which is absolutely dreadful, especially when you take all your expenses out and stare at your spreadsheet in despair.

So I’ve spent a lot of money on Christmas this year whilst I wait for my brother to get back from his Navy Training and pay me back for his half. I basically can’t even afford to breathe.

I’m meant to be going to Dublin at the beginning of January, we’re booking that this Friday hopefully so that blows my budgeting out of the window any way.

I decided recently

This is where I got sick so I don’t know what I recently decided but that’s why I didn’t upload a blog last week. Then it was Christmas and to be honest I was still ill and I’ve just been busy with family. Now we’re starting to move out of that weird phase at Christmas where no one’s at work and it’s like a blurry reality. Christmas was pretty chill, we played on the Wii U and watched lots of films and ate lots of chocolate, so I definitely need to get back into the gym ASAP.

Unfortunately, it’s now less blurry and more reality. I’m back to work Saturday morning, only for two days so I can’t complain and then I’m going to Dublin! It wasn’t even remotely stressful to book and we did it in about 2 hours of just chatting. I can’t wait for our mini break. We’re going early on 2nd Jan until the evening of 5th – very exciting. Now we just have to plan the things we want to do whilst we’re there.

I originally started this blog thinking I would talk about money and how being an adult means curbing your spending to be able to do fun things. Boxing day make up sales will be my down fall. I keep getting emails from shops and they’re so tempting. I already know I want to do a huge TAM Beauty order, which if you don’t know are a company that own a couple of make up brands such as Make Up Revolution and I heart Make Up. In the past 6 months I have become absolutely obsessed with Make Up Revolution and now that I’ve finished uni and am working a lot more, I spend a hell of a lot of money in Superdrug on their stuff. Make Up Revolution do really affordable make up that is pretty decent quality.

(From here on I am tipsy because I went to the pub. I did try to edit it the next day but I suppose being an adult is learning to stick to your own promises and deadlines, and the occasional bit of tipsy writing should prove laughable, if only for me. So apologies!)

Being an adult means not spending money on make up when you should be saving for important things. It also means learning to save up and defend yourself in the scary adult world where you need money to survive and can’t just live off of your parents. I’m not saying I could fend for myself but I think I could give it a pretty good go. To be honest, I just need a job that pays better at the moment and then I think I’d be ok.

The next goal is to do some travelling/holidaying because I don’t think I’m the kind of girl who goes away for 6 months and comes back a changed person (I’m thinking those wanky gap ‘yar’ characters in The Inbetweeners 2 movie who think they’re spiritual now. That just ain’t me. I’ve also got to be able to fund it and that’s important.)

I just think it’s so important to feel like you’re growing up, to know that you aren’t completely reliant on your parents, you aren’t a child any more. Even if you don’t think you’re ready to fend for yourself, it’s important to know that you’re starting to get there and will, one day soon, have the necessary knowledge and skills to start behaving like an adult as well as being physically old enough.

Not 100% sure what I’m writing or going on about here. I imagine me from last week is inside my head somewhere thinking, “what the fuck,” this isn’t what I started writing about, but to be honest, it’s been a while and I also just got back from the pub so I’m a little bit tipsy. I can still function, I can type. I’m perfectly capable of getting myself into bed and putting Netflix on which is all that matters but I’m slightly incapable of walking properly, mainly just walking with really heavy footing like it’s an effort to find the ground! I’m a joke haaaaaaaaaaaaaa, but all my friends are currently available and everyone 100% deserved the pub tonight for everything that’s been going on, and it was so so nice to catch up. I’ve seen everyone that was there tonight but on an individual basis so it was nice for a little group setting in the pub. And omg, do I enjoy the pub. I like clubbing from time to time but I just really get invested in the pub. Some of the best times at university were spent sitting in Spoons, drinking and putting the world to rights, until midnight when they kicked us out. I think that’s what I miss most about university.

I have gone completely off topic.

I guess I was talking about money, then started describing the fact that I went to the pub and spent money on alcohol, but to be honest I was socialising and having fun, so at least it wasn’t just on a lipstick and highlighter.

I think the whole point was something to do with learning to budget and spending money on sensible things is an adult thing to do but I think sometimes you’ve just got to have a splurge on what you fancy and I think being an adult is knowing when is the best time to do that.

I’m learning it’s about memories rather than things, I’ve known it for a while it’s just about actually following through with it because we live in such a materialistic society and sometimes it’s hard to resist it. I did go a bit over board on people’s Christmas presents this year, but they did love their presents. Hopefully they’ll bring them lots of joy so really is it a problem that I spent too much money when the purpose of Christmas is giving to your loved ones?

I started writing this and then went to the pub. I promised myself I’d finish it when I got home which is why it’s a rambling mess. I’ve done my best to edit it and I promise next week’s post will be 100% better. Besides, I’ll actually have fun things to write about because it’s New Year’s Eve and my trip to Dublin is in the coming week!

Thanks if you’ve stuck with this one and sorry if it was painful!



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  1. You can definitely see your expertise in the paintings you write. The arena hopes for more passionate writers like you who aren’t afraid to mention how they believe. At all times follow your heart.

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    1. Thank you so much! That’s great to hear, share any posts you think would help people, I’d love to be able to talk to more people so they can laugh and struggle through with me


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