This is a few days late because I was absolutely shattered after Dublin and I spent the weekend at work so today I just really needed to relax and do my own thing. This involved staying in bed all morning, going to the gym and then spending the evening as a date night at Nando’s and the cinema, seeing Jumanji.

So I started the new year packing for Dublin. From 2nd – 5th I was exploring with two lovely girls and we had so much fun.

We visited;

  • Dublin Castle
  • St Patrick’s Cathedral
  • Trinity College and the Book of Kells
  • Guinness Storehouse
  • Malahide “beach” day and castle
  • St Stephen’s Park
  • Temple Bar
  • many a coffee shop

We did;

  • a lot of walking
  • some drinking
  • lots of chatting
  • lots of laughing

Tuesday was a super long day but it was exciting. We caught our flight from Southampton reaaaaaal early and grabbed breakfast as soon as we reached O’Connell Street so that we could plan our next move.

We walked everywhere – me, slowly – but that’s because I was silly and developed shin splints a few years ago when I was training for London South, Tough Mudder 2015. It makes me super scared to do lots of cardio in case I over exercise again. Now I get scared and lazy and I look like a potato.

Any way, Dublin was ace.

We went to the beach which was actually savage. It was so windy. Our saviour was a land train named Toots. Look them up if you’re ever in Malahide. We even had the Frozen soundtrack to enjoy on our journey.

Of course we also visited Temple Bar. It was such a cute place and was lush with all the Cristmas decorations still hanging.

We also hunted for donuts and cute coffee shops with scrummy food. It was chilly which meant coffee/tea breaks were lush. We drunk enormous amounts of tea, coffee and hot chocolate, there was also some lager consumed and a small amount of Guinness.

The Guinness Storehouse was an interesting day. We visited the tasting rooms at the Guinness Storehouse, St James’ Gate, where you get 1/8th of a pint. The look of fear that passed between us as we cheersed to bottoms up. This went surprisingly well so Imogen and I were super excited, Anna less so.

I can’t describe all the ins and outs of my trip because it was lots of exploring and chatting and laughing and just the most amazing four days. (That was a lot of ands!) It was so refreshing and an absolutely fab way to start 2018 before we all go about our individual lives again. Imogen back to her adult job in Exeter, Anna about to start her dream job in London and me, back to what I’m doing – hating work, looking for something new and of course, trying to entertain you lovely lot with my rambling blog posts.

I know it’s such a brief run down but I’m not a travel journalists (I wish!), all I can say is you’ll have a great time if you visit Dublin. You can see a bit of History, take in the fresh air by the sea and do a little bit of drinking. Such a great city to just indulge for a couple of days. We had 3 nights and 4 days in the city and it was absolutely perfect. If I could give any advice, plan before you go what you want to do as there are several places that you need to buy tickets in advance for that do sell out quite quickly.

100% go and visit Dublin!

I’ll obviously include some Dublin photos below and I’ll be back as soon as possible with the next post.



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