2018 Goals

This post is a mix of a few things. It just kind of sums up my January because I’m trying to be healthy and I’m trying to make fun plans but I’m also out of money and pay day is still 12 days away (cue breakdown).

Healthy Eating

I’m on day 12 of healthy eating and exercising. It’s actually not proving as hard this time around, so I’m feeling positive that I’m going to be able to stick to staying healthy this time.

I’m using the MyFitnessPal app to help me. I’ve tried using it before and just never really got on with it, so I’m really make a conscious effort to use it properly. I suppose this time it’s a bit easier because I’ve given myself a goal. Last time I was doing well, I had the goal of Tough Mudder. I was training for it in summer 2015 and actually started to lose weight. This is when I gave myself shin splints, that I mentioned in my Dublin post.

This time the goal is Bali.


I’ve booked a trip to Bali in May! I am beyond excited.

My friend is travelling around Australia and we’re meeting in Bali. We’ve gone for an easier option of a booked tour with STA Travel, rather than organising it all ourselves. We’ll only be there 2 weeks but were gonna see a lot during the tour, then we’ll have 1 or 2 days in Ubud which is when we’ll organise a few bits ourselves.

So the goal is to not look like a potato in Bali.

Then the goal is to save money and go on more trips. It means I’m really trying to curb my spending at the moment so that I don’t spend money on silly things, which is really hard when Make Up Revolution keep bringing out lush products that are super affordable.

I’m still job hunting

It would be really helpful with saving money if I could find another job, especially so I get paid more. I am supposed to be job hunting as I write this but I just really don’t want to. It’s quite demoralising because I don’t know what I want to do so I don’t know what to look for and there’s only so long that you can scroll through ‘all jobs’ in your area for. It’s definitely not the most productive option.

The more you talk to your fellow struggling adults, the more you realise no one knows what they want to do and if they do, it’s taken them quite a bit of time to get to that decision. At the moment, the adult thing to do is stick with my crappy company because they pay me and I got bills – eurgh.

I really do need to step up my searching though. I need out of my current job so I legit have to make sure I’m looking. It’s also a bit of a struggle to make sure I give myself days to look for jobs as well as taking enough shifts to fund my life (which means a lot of shifts if I even want a decent amount of pay). Plus, as silly as it sounds, all my friends at work are starting to leave and I suppose the people I work with are probably one of the only reasons I haven’t really looked any where else. It’s the people that make a crappy job bearable and whilst we have some absolute pricks, I’ve also had the chance to meet some of the best people. We actually went out last night to say bye to one of my faves, he’s going to do some travelling in Australia but his family are moving to Devon so it’s unlikely he’ll ever come back. It’s so sad but I wish him all the best.

It’s definitely time to go though, I think we all deserve better.


I’ve actually been trying to plan in advance for future blog posts, which you’ll hopefully be glad to hear! I really hope you’ll enjoy what’s coming and I really am trying hard to make sure I get these done, even though, this week I’m late AGAIN.

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