Exciting plans

21st January 


22nd January

I’ve booked my flights to Bali!!

I am beyond excited now.

Except, now I have to be stricter with my money to save up for it.

I’m honestly just trying to have the best time whilst I’m still young. That’s something that I’ve realised recently, that now’s the time to do and see so many things. I mean I know I have my whole life and the world isn’t going any where just now but there’s so much of it so I need as much time as possible to see and explore as much as possible and life just has a way of getting in the way.

There’s the loveliest lady at work and she is quite literally my travel inspiration. She has so many amazing stories and has really seen so so many things. She’s always got tips on places to visit and always telling me to go away. I was showing her my tour for Bali on the website and she got so excited for me. Wish I could just take her with me! Aha, she’d love that.

Fingers crossed

The hope for this year is to plan and save for future trips.

I just need to make a list of all the places I want to go and I need my boyfriend to do the same! We really want to visit Australia and Thailand together. It’d be so cool if we could do a big trip together to Australia and Indonesia. Wish us luck that we can work really hard and save for it! We’ve also had chats about visiting LA but that may need to take a back seat if we’re potentially gonna attempt a big trip, although this may just be my imagination running away with me, hopefully my boyfriend will get behind the plan too because he’s so chilled about everything it’s so hard to know what he’s actually interested in!

The dream is to have my scratch map forever and try conquer as much as possible as it currently only really revolves around Europe!

Exciting time ahead though, fingers crossed!!



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