Ellie’s Adult Guide to Shopping

25th January

Do you ever try to justify purchases by dividing the total by the number of items? Like, yeah, my basket is £45 but that’s 11 items which is £4 each so actually that is 100% worth it, right?

I think that’s a version of adulting, breaking down your purchase and making sure it’s worth it, right? It’s also adulting if you check the purchase with your friends first, right?

For example, let us be hypothetical, if you went through the Superdrug website and put everything you wanted into a basket and the total is somewhere around £90, which is obviously far too much. So then you try to whittle it down and get it to the lower 50s. So, you tell your friends because you’re proud of yourself for being smart about your spending and ask if that’s an acceptable purchase. A friend advises if you can get it down to £40 then it’s more acceptable. Any way, you get it down to £43 and click buy.

But wait, it gets even better because if you spend £25 on a certain brand, you get a bag of stuff worth £25 for free – absolute bargain. Responsible money management, right?

Then your world comes crashing down because this basket you’ve invested so much time into has been halted at purchase because something is now out of stock. An item you have been debating purchasing for weeks.

Well that’s unfortunate news and now you won’t get the free stuff. So, you go back to your wish list of the stuff you whittled down from £90 to £43 and you choose something else that you’ve wanted for weeks so that you qualify for the free bag. It’s £2 more but that’s a sacrifice you have to make. So now the bag is £45 and you click pay and it’s done.

Say this dramatic online purchase happens, it was an adult decision because we saved money and we got a bargain and our money savvy friend gave us permission. That’s ok, right?

OMG I have a problem.

I need an AA for make-up shopaholics.

I would point out that although I did spend £45 on make-up, it was for 11 items when a lot of people would 100% spend that on one palette.

I won’t deny, I still have a problem.

Pray I can actually save money and budget and be sensible for all my exciting 2018/19 plans!!



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