This is my response to an Interview I attended and follows on from my previous post, Honest Job Interview, which I hope you’ll find honest and amusing.

6th February 2018

After attempting not to cry about three different times, including in the car, outside the train station with all my make up on, I finally got on the train to my interview.

The stress started when I realised I had spent an hour in bed “waking up” rather than 20 minutes. I then realised I didn’t like any of the clothing options that I’d brought with me because I just don’t own smart shoes, give me trainers any day. Note to self, go shopping for smart interview/work clothes. I was then informed by 3 different people that my coat wasn’t smart and did not go with my outfit but I actually don’t have any other coats so I just had to roll with it but they were 100% right.

I made myself so stressed by it all that I ended up feeling sick.  What an absolute tit.

The only thing that kept me going was knowing I needed interview experience with a company in London, as well as experience in a group interview situation (and also the thought of dinner with Nikkita).

Todays thoughts on the train to London

“So I’m on the train for this interview and I’m just in this weird, anxious mood. I’ve not been feeling 100% for about a week now.

I cannot find anything for graduates in my area unless you’re an engineer which means commuting and the only things I can find are in London which is tiring af.

I cannot move to London, that’s not for me.

Also commuting to London is an absolute fortune, I don’t understand how people do it. I’d have to sell a kidney.”

Minor detour

I bought a new scarf. I forgot to bring one and I was absolutely freezing so I stopped at Accessorize in Waterloo and found an absolute bargain for £5.70 in the sale – happy times.


So I get to the interview really early, 13:55 and the interview is 14:30, which is fine. I sit down and realise I am absolutely starving but my brain had been concentrating on other things so it hadn’t even realised that I was hungry. Now I have to wait till after 4pm.


The interview is actually so chilled and not really a group interview at all. We have an hour for tests which ok cool, it’s just a booklet of about 6 pages, I can do this.

Post Interview Starbucks thoughts

Post interview included getting the tube to the O2 and then grabbing a small hot chocolate in Starbucks to warm me up whilst I waited for Nikkita, and it gave me chance to write down a few thoughts.

“So I’ve just finished my interview and I’m meeting my lovely friend at the O2 for some food. We’re gonna treat ourselves to a huge milkshake and burger at Byron’s, which is basically what we spent all of second year at uni doing together when we got stressed about life (every other day).

So today was the first stage of the process which involved an hour-long test and then a quick discussion which included 2 questions, one of which I never even thought to prepare for – 3 words your friends would use to describe you. What did I use? FRIENDLY. Literally the soggiest word ever, I might as well have said nice. I also said hardworking and team player. How basic could I be? How do you even win when an interviewer asks you that question?  Maybe I should say, they only use one “Legend”. I’m not convinced I’ve got the bravery or the personality to pull that off and not sound like a tit.

My answer to the second question didn’t redeem me much and I was prodded further and 100% panicked. I had to pick out a skill that my job role needed and explain a time I had shown this skill. So it’s a Conference Producer role and I said I needed to be organised. I said that I live through my diary, I write everything into it and I tick it all off and it kept me very organised through my third year of uni when I commuted and had to be on time and in the right place. I was then heckled by the interviewer, “what would you do if you left your diary on the train?”

I could have said something witty, I could have said I’d be adaptable for the day. Hell, I showed anything other than being adaptable. I said I had a calendar at home with more basic stuff in it and said I’d go out and buy a new one straight away. I instantly regretted my answer. Unadaptable. Solid wood. Unyielding.”

Post food and journey home interview thoughts


I mean, I didn’t expect anything else but I was really hoping it’d be ok and I’d just work it out. I 100% did not. Costing and revenue and ewwwwwwwwww. I would honestly love the job I applied for, it sounded beyond interesting but I am praying that the maths is not a huge deal because I will 1 million percent, not get picked. Hopefully, I impressed just enough to get to the second stage of the interview where I can blow them away *fingers crossed*.

So now we wait.

The thing is, I know I’ve been panicking at lot about job hunting and how there’s nothing in my area but I know commuting wouldn’t be the end of the world and I know it would be such a good opportunity. So I just need to remember that I’m not useless and I’d probably survive!

Very wise people say,

“what will be, will be,”

and to be honest I did my best so there’s no need to worry right now.

The most important sub-heading – FOOD

Finally, it was super nice to catch up with Nikkita. I miss our flat sharing and how funny she is when she’s tired and zones out and starts people watching. I’m so happy she’s working, not that she’s tired, because I know how much she likes to nap and work would 100% frown upon that. I’m happy because she wants to do lots of fun travelling so she can be all adult and save up her money to do some trips with Aaron (or me – HINT). Maybe one day, we’ll actually get to go on a group holiday that we talked about. As a uni group we’d talked about Dublin for over a year and it just never happened. Now I’ve betrayed them and gone with the wonderful Imogen and Anna, so we’ll just have to pick a different city. I think somewhere like Germany so we can try lots of fun beers.

Thanks for reading again as I struggle through job hunting.

Remember to share if you like what I do (there’s quick links attached to each post) and if you don’t please let me know what I could do better either in the comments below or through my social media, my twitter appears on every post either on the right hand side or at the bottom of the post depending on what platform you’re reading from!


Update 10th Feb:  Hey guys, I didn’t get this job but I scored well in the maths! After all that worrying, what a tit. According to my feedback, I just need to work on my proof reading, *fingers crossed* I can improve on that with some practice and then next time I’ll get to the second stage of a formal interview.


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