I’m baaaack

I know I haven’t posted for about two weeks, sorry. Truthfully, I’ve struggled to be motivated and lacked inspiration of what to write about.

So, what have I been doing??

  • I have worked A LOT.
  • I have tried to encourage my healthy eating and exercise again.
  • I had dinner with Erin and then 3 days later she left for Australia.
  • I left my brand-new scarf at said friend’s house.
  • I booked a hair consultation for my hair to be coloured.
  • My car had its 1-year service – my bank account cried.
  • I did some more job hunting.
  • I started a new Netflix series called ‘The Good Place’ which I am in love with.
  • I panicked about money.
  • I fixed my issues with Vodafone, which went on F O R E V E R.
  • I contacted my doctor’s surgery about my jabs for Bali.
  • I had multiple baths with Lush bath bombs – absolute life savers.
  • I wrote a blog post that took a really deep turn so I decided not to post it.
  • I tried to think of a business I could start when I had a crushing realisation that there were no jobs in my local area or even slightly wider area for me.
  • I debated starting a YouTube channel because who doesn’t want to work from home.
  • I looked at blog help but they were all American and asking me to spend dollars.
  • I changed the dates that my car payments come out of my bank account.

I just did a lot of really boring, really adulty things and, to be honest, that sums up my February. Potentially shitter than January.

Upcoming plans include:

  • Dinner with some lovelies from work.
  • HOPEFULLY 2 trips to the cinema to F I N A L L Y see Black Panther and also Coco.
  • HOPEFULLY getting my hair dyed the colour I want.
  • Money to do all of this and get my eyebrows waxed and tinted.
  • HOPEFULLY be seeing Imogen when she’s home for a few days.
  • HOPEFULLY have some funds to go visit my friends in London.

Having nothing to say.

I asked a friend to read over what I had written today because I was getting to my wits end with what to write. All I had at that point was the above lists. She said that she liked the idea of writing about nothing. Doing nothing and having nothing to say isn’t necessarily a bad thing, you can’t be busy all the time.

Recently I’ve found that I don’t have much to look forward to and it’s made me feel a bit low and that’s something that’s hard about doing nothing because it makes the nothing more noticeable. Some days it’s actually just the most perfect thing to not do anything, I am more than happy to spend the day in baggy clothes watching Netflix but I can’t do that every day. People keep telling me I’ve got Bali to look forward to, and I do, I am super duper excited, but it’s so far away at the moment and I need some short-term, affordable things to look forward to.

Every company has a blog these days

I read a blog today about ‘Why it’s okay not to have your life together,’ it’s about not comparing what’s going on with yourself to other people, and why it’s ok to take a break. It’s 100% worth a read for graduates or anyone in a little bit of a career break/rut. So, thank you Milkround! (If you could just help me find a job now, I’d be extremely grateful.)

I’m so glad I read that blog post today because it helped a little with feeling a bit low. I’m going in and out of low phases at the moment, I think I’m just ready for change and for the next thing but it’s proving so hard to move on since graduating.

A visit from my brother and our dogs getting haircuts cheered me up tonight though. The dogs look hilarious and Harry coming home meant we got to chat for a while.



They’ve gone from raggedy fluffy balls, to soft little doggies whose eyes we can now see!

Another post

This whole blog post actually kind of links to the post I originally wrote. So if I change my mind about posting it, I’ll link it here.

All in all, it’s ok to do nothing but definitely find some little fun goals to set yourself.

Being an adult doesn’t have to be an empty pit of boring.

Netflix and baggy clothes is perfectly ok.

Remember you have been productive and be happy with what you’ve done.



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