I’m dating myself

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about self-care. When all you’re thinking about is money and saving up for big plans, it’s easy to find yourself too busy to look after yourself.

I’ve recently been talking to Josh about doing alphabet dating again. We started it a few years ago but never finished it. I started making a list that we could follow with multiple ideas on it so that we couldn’t say that we didn’t have anything to do. It got me thinking, what if I did an alphabet dating list for myself, like a self-care list that I could work through to make sure I was making time for myself? So that’s exactly what I’ve spent the last week doing, putting together a list A-Z of dates for Ellie, from Ellie.


I also signed up a few months ago for Birchbox. Literally a life saver at the moment because I am paying off Bali so I don’t have very much money for myself, for even the little things. January was the worst, as it is for everyone, I had almost depleted my savings on Christmas presents, then my box didn’t turn up and I had to get in contact with them. They sent me a new one straight away, they were so so helpful and actually it arrived when I needed it most. The middle of January, no money, unable to do anything fun and then this little box of happiness arrived in the post.

If you don’t know what Birchbox is, it’s a monthly subscription, they send you beauty products to try and then if you like them you can review them and also purchase them from their website. The products range from, eyeshadow to leave-in hair conditioners, to make-up brush cleaner to body scrubs. I’ve definitely been introduced to a few new brands that I am completely in love with.

I originally signed up for a 6 month subscription when they had an offer on if you gifted it to someone so I made my boyfriend an account and gifted it to myself! Cheeky but a girl’s gotta get her discounts somewhere. I actually need to look at whether I’ll be able to afford the next subscription because I only have 2 boxes left to arrive, March and April, which is beyond sad. You can buy them monthly rather than signing up for a subscription but it’s like a present from me to me each month! (So if anyone from Birchbox reads this and wants to release any new discount codes in April, I would be eternally grateful!)

Here’s a link for Birchbox (there’s also one below in the self-care list) where you can receive a discount (currently 50% off) on your first order because I am a subscriber. I’ll have to check the link doesn’t time out, if you find it does, just message me and I’ll update it. Just so you’re aware I will receive a full-size product in next month’s box and receive a £5 voucher to spend in the Birchbox shop for anyone that joins in March.

I know there are a couple of companies that follow a similar idea in a range of themes. Glossybox (beauty), My Geek Box (for fan boys and girls, Harry Potter to Rick and Morty) and Pink Parcel (for women on their period) are just a couple of examples.


Similarly to these subscription boxes, one of the girls from university put together her own little self-care box before Christmas to cheer herself up. She put in loads of little things that she loves and to be honest, what a fab idea Meg! Definitely going to be attempting that – more to come soon!

The idea I’m trying to explain is that being an adult is busy. Gone are the days of snow days off school, now I have to “attempt” to get to work if it is safe to do so, or I have to work from home, you know how it is. So 5 minutes of time for yourself is no time at all to fit into your day, sometimes you might even find you need a bit more time. So below is my list of A-Z dates for me. I just tried to think about all the things I enjoy and how I could do them on my own. A couple of the suggestions involve friends or family but that’s still taking time for things I want to do. Try making your own list if you need some ‘me time’.

A friend recently told me, it’s not what I need, it’s what I W A N T. So that is exactly what my list is, it’s what I want to do to make sure I’m keeping myself and my happiness at the centre of my life.



I kicked off ‘Dating Myself’ and you can read ‘AHERE

Self-care alphabet dating

A – Apply for courses, listen to an Audiobook, Acts of kindness, Aerobics, go to an Art gallery, Asos order

B-Bath, Bake, Burn a candle, Body Balance, Blog, Bike ride, Banana smoothie, Brunch, Birchbox subsciption (would highly recommend looking this one up).

C-Chocolate, Cocktails, Cuddles, Coffee shop, Cake, Comedy Club, Cook, Colour

D-Day trip, Dog walk, Date night, Dinner, Declutter, Donuts, Doodle, Dessert

E-Eyebrow shape/tint, Exercise, Early night

F-Flowers, Facemask, Fruitsalad

G-Gym, Girls night, set Goals, Green tea

H –Haircut, HIITS, Hot Chocolate, Hot shower, Hydrate, Half marathon

I –Ice cream, say “I love you”

J –Jacuzzi, Jelly

K – show Kindness, Karaoke, 5K

L –Learn a Language, Laugh, Live music, Lunch dates, List the good things, Lazy days

M-Massage, Movie night, Make-up, Museum, Milkshake, Music

N-Nutella, Nap, Nails, Netflix, No social media, Netball, Nando’s

O-Orange juice, be Outside

P-Pizza, Podcasts, Picnic, Pub, Playlist, Pancakes, Pasta, Primark haul, Popcorn (Apparently there is a lot of food that begins with P that I like!)

Q-Quotes to motivate yourself, Quesadillas

R-Run, Read, Road trip, Random acts of kindness, skip Rocks

S-Spa day, Swim, Shopping, Self-care box, Sunset/Sunrice, Stargaze, Spinning, Stretch, Scrapbooking

T-Tidy-up, Try something new, Tea

U- Underwater, new Underwear

V- Visit friends/family, Vitamins, Volunteer, Vegetarian day

W-Weekend away, Walk, Wii, Work night out, Wake up early, Wash hair, Wear comfy clothes, Write a letter/blog


Y-Youtube clips, Yoga

Z-Zzzs, Zizzi’s, Zucchini


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