This is not PG

This is an absolutely huge rant and I don’t even know if there’s a point at the end of it, it’ll some how come full circle, you wait and see!


You know when everything possible goes wrong in the same week and you just cba? Then someone says, “your life probably isn’t that bad,” like you’re a dramatic little princess, and actually yeah my life could be worse but it isn’t all rainbows and glittery unicorns, especially not this week. You want to hide in bed and eat shit but instead you get up and go to work and behave like an adult when no one around you seems to be able to.

So it’s one of those weeks. If it wasn’t for the women in my life (and Josh), I think I would have given up today.

Also, it’s key to take a break here (although it may be too late) and say, this post does not contain PG language, so if you’re offended by swearing, tough shit because I’ve had a fucking bad week.

Today is International Women’s day, fuck those people that say “women don’t need a special day,” or “when’s International Men’s day?” or “well it might be 19th November but we don’t make it into a big deal.”

Well fucking congrats.

Being a woman is fucking hard.

Being a man is fucking hard.

Being human is fucking hard.

So why the fuck shouldn’t we celebrate our strengths when we can, and why the hell not raise awareness for those injustices we feel need a voice?

And why the hell shouldn’t there be an International Women’s day?

Your sorry ass didn’t just come into existence. There was a woman who grew you for 9 months. You probably drained her dry of food, energy and sleep before then being a little shit for the next 18 years, to then turn out as some prick harassing women on Twitter because they showed their solidarity and support for other women.

And you know what? Why the hell shouldn’t you celebrate International Men’s day? Celebrate your similarities, your differences, raise awareness for male issues, do it, I dare you, support your fellow men.

Men have ruled the history books since the day academics made History a thing. Just because women have been fighting for equality for 100 years doesn’t make them some sort of guerrilla army, trying to take down mankind from the inside. They’re trying to build humankind up. Why be a basic af society when we can support each other?

Men and women are not at war. Women are at war with stereotypes pushed upon them and hold the belief that they can be more than they are told they can be. I mean, women have played catch up through history but society has developed, there’s nothing to prevent men and women being equal, other than made up, out of date, bullshit “ideals”.

And before I get told that I am some sort of man hating feminazi, let it be known, women who don’t support other women are detrimental to E V E R Y T H I N G. You are worse than the bigots. Belittling other women is disgusting and let it be known, you’ll be remembered for it because people remember that snakey shit.

Any way, if you think your life is fair and equal, then fight for those whose it isn’t. Stand up for and support those that need it.

My point, somewhere in all of this, is that, I have had a shitty week but knowing the women in my life, I know I’m not alone. I know that I’ve got their support, whatever I need, and they know I’ll support them no matter what. Some of the women that I know are inspirational af and the thing is, if you get us into a group, we’d be as strong as [insert something really strong, like some raging lionesses or something impressive]. Imagine what we could do if we supported women globally, the world wouldn’t stand a chance.

If you love and support your nan, mum, auntie, sister, daughter, girlfriend, cousin, friend; then you support women and their right to live their best life (equal pay and rights included). THAT is equality.

Tbh, just support each other. Support men, women, children, homosexuals, heterosexuals, transgender people, black people, white people, disabled people, old people, dogs, cats, rabbits, trees, plants, the environment…

Support humanity. God only knows, we need it.

Deep af, sorry, but also not sorry, because Twitter comments have gotten my goat today, also shit at work and shit at home, and I’m just wondering why women make other women’s lives hard? Thank fuck for those women who support each other, you’re gems.



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