A is for…

“I’m dating myself!” was a blog post from last week, in which I discussed alphabet dating. The idea is that you work your way through the alphabet thinking of a new date for each letter as a way to spice up your dating. Following this idea, I wrote about alphabet dating but for yourself – a bit of self-love. You can read that blog post HERE.

A is for ASOS

A for ASOS

It wasn’t the biggest delivery I’ve ever received from ASOS but it was exactly what I wanted and needed, 4 face masks in the South Korean beauty section. They have cute af packaging but in reality, they’re creepy af. At least, the first one I tried was. I attempted the panda mask which you can find in the highlights on my Instagram page (@cl_elliie).

I’ll paint you an image though.

The surface area of the mask was so biiiiiiig. Yet, the eye holes were tight around my eye sockets. So  the mask was too big and too small all at the same time. Either way, it made my face feel lush and it was super relaxing. It did say there was a lavender smell to the mask which I was particularly worried about as I’m not a fan but actually I didn’t really notice the lavender. There was a slight perfumed smell to it but it wasn’t over whelming and it was actually a really soft smell that just added to the relaxing feeling.

I’ll keep you updated on my thoughts on the other masks, I think I might start doing some reviews on things I’m using, especially things that are getting me through my day. I feel like it’s healthy to show people what’s making you feel good because everyone should have the chance to feel happy and healthy. Share your relaxation tips or share your alphabet dating self-care lists with me! Let me know what you think in the comments below or DM me on Twitter.

Speak to you soon!


Read the second instalment, ‘From B to C’, HERE


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