From B to C…

“I’m dating myself!” was a blog post from a few weeks ago, in which I discussed alphabet dating. The idea is that you work your way through the alphabet thinking of a new date for each letter as a way to spice up your dating. Following this idea, I wrote about alphabet dating but for yourself – a bit of self-love. You can read that blog post HERE.

B is for Bath

I’ve actually done this twice but I forgot to post about it last week as things have been a little bit crazy around here.

So bath number 1 was a mid afternoon bath, which was weird, but also the best idea ever. I’d had a productive morning, going to staff training and having a really hot and sweaty session at the gym. So I treated myself to a bath, using my favourite bubble bar from Lush – Comforter.

Comforter smells A M A Z I N G and it makes the bath a gorgeous purple

colour with soft fluffy bubbles. Am I selling this enough to you, because if you haven’t bought it before, you need to. (They also do an orangey coloured one which is also pretty good!)

Any way, it was exactly what I needed.


On Sunday, I had mad back ache because the desk at work is so poorly laid out and I sit at it for 8 hours. So I turned on the taps, grabbed a bit more of the Comforter bubble bar and to be honest, had a little spa session.


C is for…

Cook. On Saturday night, I cooked dinner from scratch and it was actually really fun. I don’t feel like I’ve cooked anything really yummy for ages. I made a Carbonara with bacon and chicken, and lots of veg. I was super impressed with myself. Normally when I cook there’s a huge mess afterwards, but I made a conscious effort to clean up as I went along so that I didn’t have to clean everything up afterwards, because it just ruins a good meal when you have to walk into the kitchen to all the mess.

alphabetSo that is B and C completed. I’m not quite sure what I’ll do for D yet, but I’ll find some time for myself soon, I already need it again!

Maybe if I can, I’ll try to do a speed alphabet dating, so I make 30 minutes for myself every day for 26 days, to get to the end of the alphabet. Then that’s a whole month of self-love. What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


If you’ve got any good ideas of self-love for D, let me know and I might give some of them a go.


‘D is for…’ read it HERE!


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