A is for Alphabet Dating

So this is the beginning of my alphabet dating series for Josh and I. We did attempt this once and I think we got to E but it came with a bit of cheating because we only actually planned out A (arcades) and B (Brighton), C and D became things we added to the list afterwards like a cinema trip we took and going out for dinner. It wasn’t completely cheating but we just never carried on so this is attempt number 2, taking it seriously.

So instead of repeating our A date from last time, which is one of our favourite things to do, weather permitting, which it is certainly not recently.

So A is Ashcroft Arts Centre

The Ashcroft Arts Centre is in Fareham, we’ll be going there tonight to see Iain Stirling. We came across Iain as the voice of Love Island and to be honest, I was sad that he didn’t make as much of an appearance this year on Love Island: After sun, like he did the year before.

I came across these tickets some time last year and managed to get seats, it’s quite a small venue, we’re really lucky that it’s close by.

So that’s the plan for tonight which I’m really looking forward to. More to come later.


I had such a good night!

So when the show finished, I thought he meant a break and then he’d come back and tell jokes because I was having so much fun that time had flown by. We’d actually been sat there for an hour and a half, and I couldn’t believe it.

The Ashcroft Centre was a really tiny venue, I knew it was small when I booked but I didn’t realise how small. There was an aisle down the middle for people to walk into their seats, a bit like the cinema, but the rows were stacked in a kind of pyramid shape so that everyone could see, so the first row had 4 seats and then the second row had 6 and so on. WE WERE RIGHT ON THE END OF THE SECOND ROW and in full eye line of where the microphone was, I instantly began to shit my pants. Luckily, it was the lady next to me who actually got asked questions by Iain Stirling.

Date night ended in bed, eating Pizza in our pants and tbh, that’s what I’m all about. Laughing your tits off, then getting a Domino’s on the way home.

10/10 would recommend going to see Iain Stirling, he made me laugh so much that my cheeks hurt and my tummy ached, and he said loads of things that you’ve thought before but never said, something which will be added to my ‘Adulting is’ list.

P.S. I’m also using this event for the letter D in Dating myself, which you can find HERE

Coming soon, B is for…

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