D is for…

Ok so this one is a bit of a cop out but D is for Date night.

Before the D

So tonight we’re going to see Iain Stirling, also known as the voice of Love Island, in a low key venue which I’m super excited about. I’ve never been to a huge comedy gig so I’m all about smaller venues. After the month from H E L L and a week with very little sleep, I am living for this gig tonight.

I don’t think we’ve done anything cool for a while, we’ve not had too much money and both been quite busy. I actually bought these tickets moooooonths ago. It was just out on a limb, I either googled Iain Stirling or when he was touring, but I saw this gig was really close by and tickets were £12 so I just bought them straight away as a little treat for us. It’s actually come round a whole lot quicker than I thought it would.

After the D

Iain Stirling was really funny. Like, cheeks hurting, belly aching, throwing your head back funny. That is until I realised how animated that looked and felt, and I hoped to god that it wouldn’t get me picked on because the venue was little and we were in the direct line of sight! Luckily he spoke to the woman sat next to me – phew!

I actually had a really good night though, I really should start investigating comedy gigs more.

Laughing until my cheeks hurt was exactly what I needed.

Laughing your tits off, followed by eating Domino’s, in bed, in a baggy top and pants, is the definition of a perfect night. So maybe D is for Domino’s AND date night.

The reason that I’m counting this as part of the ‘Dating Myself’ series is because it’s still important for me to spend time with people I love and do something fun with them. That’s just as important for your self-care, as spending time on your own.

P.S. Sorry for the crude headings and also, this is also going to double up as the start of my Alphabet dating with Josh. Click HERE to read that version.

Coming soon, E is for…


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