B is for Badminton

I could not be bothered to go to the gym on Wednesday but I really needed to do some exercise. So I text Josh and asked him if he wanted to play Badminton instead of going to the gym and he agreed.

The idea was that it would make the exercise a bit more fun and bearable after finishing work at 8:30pm.

I obviously lost every match we played but it was a good laugh and we definitely both enjoyed it. It was basically 45minutes of Josh hitting the shuttlecock as far as he could, followed by drop shots so that I was running around like an absolute crazy person. I’m probably the only one that actually got any exercise! Josh’s abs got a workout with all the laughing he did at me instead!

I’m hoping we’ll do it again soon any way, maybe I’ll get better and get more than about 6 points…

Coming soon, C is for…

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