I wish I could tell you a fun story

I’m sick again.

I think I’ve worn myself out and now I’m at work but unable to answer phones because I have very little voice to talk to people, even when customers are in front of me.

It’s doing that thing where it’s deep and rough and then all of a sudden I’m half way through a sentence and I’m moving my mouth but there’s not sound.

By 9am I had been told by 2 customers that I should be at home in bed.

Please, that would be the dream, but instead I got up, as normal at 6:30am, to come to work so that you could go for a swim Susan. I know, that I should be in bed. In fact, I wrote this whilst I was at work this morning and since getting home, I have now climbed into bed with very little intention of moving at all.

I think a few customers thought I was being rude but seriously what did you want from me? I was getting weird looks, like I didn’t choose this voice, the voice chose me, and I turned up to work to take your money and stare aimlessly out of the door didn’t I? What more do you want?

New customers were the worst because you actually had to talk to them and provide explanations, whereas regular customers you can squeak out a hello, take their money for swimming and then send them on their way. I had a lady asking about swimming lessons, and she had soooooo many questions and I would have been happy to answer them, if only she’d picked another day, or the other receptionist. I quite clearly did not have the voice nor the strength in my throat to delivery as many answers as she wanted and I was eager for her to leave so that I could have a drink.


Basically, I need a new job, which provides full time hours with proper days off because I’ve been ill twice in the past 3 weeks now – not cool.

I have 3 days off this week – absolutely ballin’. One of which includes an afternoon at a spa, which I am obviously in need of.

I can 100% guarantee me being sick is tiring my body out rather than a bug because I have absolutely no symptoms. I started this week with a head cold that felt more like stress, and now I have a throat that is DRY AF and causing me to speak like a man who has smoked 50 cigarettes a day, for the past 50 years of his life.


I’m learning more than ever that being an adult means that you need money but that you have to look after yourself. You can’t spend your money doing nice things if you’re sick. I think I need to step up the Dating Myself alphabet dating so that I start to feel more like Ellie again.

This post’s adulting realisations:

Adulting is making sure you look after yourself.

Adulting is learning about life balance.

Adulting is giving yourself 2 days off in a row because 1 day off a week or having 2 but at opposite ends of the week is not ok.

Read more ‘Adulting is…’ here.




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