C is for…

C is for Cinema

Josh and I did date number 3 last week, C for cinema.

Vue do these cheap tickets on a Monday which I’ve seen for years but never looked into but recently I’ve been working most Tuesdays and Wednesdays until late so we haven’t really been able to use the Meerkat Movies, 2-4-1 vouchers. They call it a Super Days membership, I think it used to have a different name but it reduces your tickets, I’m pretty sure ours were £4 each which is absolutely mad!

The movie

We went to see Blockers which is a comedy about 3 girls who make a sex pact for their prom night and their parents find out when iMessages start coming through on one of the girls’ Macbook.

It was a feel good film with a few good laughs, but I always think Leslie Mann is in good films. It was so weird to have John Cena acting as one of the other parents but he did alright. We enjoyed ourselves which is all that matters because I’m not here to give some fancy film review. I got cheap tickets and I laughed, can’t really ask for more.


Definitely not the most exciting post I’ve ever done but I’m not sure what you’re meant to write about a cinema date!!

D is coming soon…


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