New job (ish)

You are now reading the blog of Horizon’s newest full time lifeguard.

Something I’ve actually been worried to tell friends who know personally how much of a struggle it can be to work at Horizon or how much of a struggle it’s been in recent months for me. Also the pay isn’t great so I have a few friends that ask why I still put up with it, so I actually get embarrassed to tell people sometimes, and then I told myself not to be so stupid. Full time work is exactly what I need and doing a job I already know makes sense.

Plus, some of the best people I know have been full time lifeguards!

I suppose they’re family

It’s something we’ve discussed at work about how certain people within our company forget that we make friends at work within and between our departments. There’s something about 6/7am starts, 10pm finishes and 10 and a half hour shifts that will bring you together. They become like a second family. There aren’t many boundaries where I work, everyone talks about anything and everything. You swim together, eat together, you’ve probably napped together in the staff room and you’ve 100% slagged off that annoying manager or admin person for a whole 8 hour shift. I’m even 100% certain most of the boys have showered together after staff training sessions in the pool! You have to put your full trust into the people you work with because if something goes wrong then you’re going to have to save someone’s life with these people.

As soppy and pathetic as this sounds, when you spend that much time with people, it’s hard not to realise that the only reason you haven’t quit is because you’d miss them (and because you have car payments).

There’s no way of explaining this to you if you don’t understand. That meme or tweet that’s gone around that says something along the lines of

“no one knows everything about your life like your work colleagues,”

It’s true. It’s like that multiplied by 50.

Honestly though, I’ll still see them all the time when I go to the gym, they’ll wish they could get rid of me.

Moving on

The company I work for owns two leisure centres. The one where I predominantly work is the main site and then it was expanded to the second site which is smaller. In a strange turn of events I actually ended up working at the smaller site today, on the same day I had planned to post this and when I say strange turn of events, I mean being short staffed which isn’t strange it’s pretty common. So basically, I worked at the smaller site today.

I’m not fully moving on but I’ve decided to take the full time job at the smaller, sister site which means that I’m leaving behind a lot of people that I definitely won’t see as regularly. I actually started at the smaller site, I started working at both sites when there wasn’t very much over time to pick up and I’ve ended up work mainly at the bigger site being, including my current contracted shifts. I’ve known some of the people there for years and I’m really going to miss them. So my last day at my current site is 12th May, then I go to Bali and then I’ll be starting my new contract from June. Which I’m actually really excited about.

It kind of feels like a new start, like I’ll be doing something more productive. The best bit? I’LL HAVE 2 WEEKENDS OFF A MONTH!! I am currently contracted E V E R Y  S I N G L E weekend of the year. Excited doesn’t even cover it.

Fingers crossed that this is exactly what I need to improve my own mental health whilst I keep applying for new jobs and the next step!


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