Change of plan

I was meant to go to the post-grad open evening at Portsmouth University last week but after some thinking, I’m not sure doing post-grad will help me right now. Correct, I keep getting told I don’t have the relevant degree or experience but I think gaining experience should be my focus before I start adding more student loan debt to my name.

25th April 2018

So in a drastic turn of events, Josh suggested spending the day together in Brighton or London. Bad weather made us decide that London would be more practical as Brighton is more outdoorsy. So we’re currently cramped together into two little seats on our way to London Victoria.

Plans include going to Junkyard Golf which I am super excited about. Josh wants to check out the Supreme Store in London which he is currently obsessed with. In which case, I’m hoping we can visit the Birchbox pop up shop in Carnaby Street which I’ve been dying to visit. – Sad news, I can’t afford to renew my Birchbox subscription, maybe during the summer I’ll have the money. 

There was a bit of a rush this morning trying to make sure we made the train on time, plus get ready, feed and walk the dogs, and make sure I had breakfast myself. Breakfast is always the first thing I sacrifice when I’m running late and always end up regretting it an hour later.

Day 3 of dog sitting only involved the morning, I felt bad because it wasn’t the longest walk. I thought I’d gotten up early enough to get everything done. I can’t help worrying if they’ll be ok until my step sister gets there though. I know they’ll be fine but I feel bad for leaving them on their own.


London was lots of fun. We just hung out together which was really nice. We wandered around shops in Oxford Street and Carnaby Street. I found some really nice, comfy trainers in Nike, Nike React, which I’m hoping I can buy in the next few months. I also finally went to the Birchbox shop but it was a little bit of a let down. This may be because I have been receiving them for 6 months. The highlight is to BYOB (build your own box), however, the majority of the products have been featured in recent boxes.

We also went into the Supreme store for Josh. I had to queue to get in here – wth. There was security downstairs and on the door, with only a certain number of people allowed in at one time, it was so weird but it’s only one of two Supreme stores in Europe.

Junkyard golf was fun, although the course wasn’t as long as I thought it would be, we were in there for less than an hour!

It wasn’t a jam packed day but it was nice to spend the time together and we even treated ourselves to Lola’s cupcakes for the train home which is always my favourite part of our trip.


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