In Today’s News

I have a job interview!

F  I  N  A  L  L  Y

After the recent constant stream of rejections, I have some positive news. I am so excited. Trust me though, I’ll be pure nerves by Monday.

It’s my first interview for a marketing role which is nerve racking and it’s in Southampton, so a commute but definitely doable and for the right job, a commute won’t affect me.

As a friend said recently, anyone would be lucky to get a job with less than an hour commute. Her work is 20 minutes away from her house but in rush hour traffic, it’s an hour. So true tbh. I suppose starting at 7am has the perk of a 15 minute drive actually becoming 10 minutes at that time of day.

I am fully aware that I recently got a role as a full time lifeguard but that’s a temporary option and if this is finally the chance within marketing that I’ve been waiting for then I can’t pass up the opportunity.

More to come, wish me luck!!!

The next instalment of this story can be read HERE


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