Update: In Today’s News

I didn’t go for my job interview today.

After more research and a phone call to the company to confirm what was the role would entail, I was left very unconvinced. I had a gut feeling from research that it wasn’t right and I know that companies are advancing all the time but not having an office landline just felt really wrong.

Then this morning I received a text saying, “Hey,” and it wasn’t even addressed to me, it asked me to confirm my attendance to the interview, which suggested that they don’t have the best attendance to their interviews which isn’t surprising after my research. It had all seemed too good to be true, they didn’t even want a covering letter.

The telephone call wasn’t much better, the lady seemed to contradict herself when I pressed for more answers about the role. It was as if they had prepared answers and when I asked more she didn’t make sense or contradicted what she had already said.

Either way, it didn’t feel right and so I cancelled the interview, better that then turning up expecting my perfect career starting role and being faced with my worst nightmare!

Adulting is knowing when something doesn’t feel right to investigate rather than jumping straight in.

You can read the original In Today’s News here.

You can read my next post here: 6/5/18


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