Sunday 6th May 2018

It’s my last sunday on Reception – woooohoooo!

I only have to work Wednesday, 12-8:30, and Saturday 7:30-1. I cannot wait. There have been times where I’ve enjoyed Reception, I’ve gotten the chance to chat to people I don’t normally and learn things about them but work place politics is making working as a Receptionist demoralising. It’s becoming a playground, talking to you like your children and not actually being allowed to do your job properly. That mixed with a whole bunch of other imaginary policies and ridiculous work place politics, is making it slightly unbearable.

I know, I know, dealing with politics at work is just part of being an adult but when it becomes so bad that staff are then treated poorly, it’s not ok and I refuse to stick in a job that makes me feel like that. No body has time to be miserable and not enjoy themselves.

You can click this link to read E is for enjoyment, where I talk about activity E for the Dating Myselfmini-series.

Do what you love or at least don’t do what makes you miserable.

I understand sometimes you have to do things you don’t like and you should never give up straight away but I haven’t been enjoying this role for a while now and I’ve been working so may hours, wearing myself out and getting ill.

Time to stop, and if people think that’s silly because money is important, like my parents, that’s my problem, not theirs. I very rarely ask for money or help so I will work it out. I’ve seen what staying in a job you don’t enjoy does and I have so many options that I can look into.

It’s a decision I’ve thought through and I know it’s what I need to do right now for myself and that’s what’s important.

Adulting is learning your limits and knowing exactly what you need, when.

Recently I talked about a feeling in my gut about a job interview, which you can read in Update: In Today’s News. I had never really realised how much you should listen to your own instincts and trust yourself.

You’ll know exactly what you want at the time. As a child, we are selfish, we know what we want and we take it. Then our parents and adults teach us that we can’t always have what we want and we become more conscious of working out what we need and want and if we can have it or not.

Adulting is learning to know what you want and when you can have it.

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