Flight Day




I feel beyond sick, I am so so nervous about my flight. I’ve never been on such a long flight, I’ve never had a stop over and I’ve never flown completely alone. I was recommended Rescue Remedy by my friends and I’m just so thankful it’s 10ml because now I can take it on the plane with me, I’ve already had a dose of it today!

I booked my tickets with Emirates so that things would run more smoothly to put me at ease but honestly I will be a hot panicky mess by tonight.

I am so excited for my trip but I’m just worrying about the flight at the moment. Please be sat next to someone friendly on my flight LOL and please someone helpful be around to figure out how to get my connecting flight in Dubai.

I got this though. This is all part of travelling, be uncomfortable for a little bit but have the best damn time. I 100% know I’m gonna love it and I’m so excited to see Erin so I’ll just hang on to that instead of crying in Dubai hahahhaahhhahahah – HELP.

At the airport…

I was so excited when we finally got to the airport but now I’m trying to eat something and I’m just so nervous that I won’t have a gate to go to or I’ll miss it for some reason. My flight currently says “go to airline desk” on the board instead of what time my gate info will be up and I just don’t know wtf that means or where that is. Help.

Ok panic averted, that was a different Emirates flight to Dubai, I just couldn’t read the board properly even though I was wearing my glasses, maybe a trip to Specsavers is needed on my return.

I had 5 little sushi rolls and decided I couldn’t eat any more so I went to Boots and stocked up on water and a Vit•Hit drink to get fluids in me before I die on this flight. Also, I realised I haven’t really drunk much today and I defo haven’t had any nutritional food where I’ve been too nervous to be properly hungry.

Now I’m just sitting, waiting for my gate number (I still have an hour until the info but I wanted to make sure I was on time!)

Wish me luck!

*crosses fingers and toes and legs and arms and anything else that might cross*

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