Note To Self: Packing!

I’ve always been an overpacker.

Josh tells me all the time and Nikkita used to tell me every time I came back to our uni flat with more bags than I’d left with!

I think I have a problem, an overpacking problem, over preparedness or something.

So I’m panicking about Bali packing. Don’t pack too light or too heavy. Make sure I have everything I need but don’t pack unnecessary shit that I definitely won’t use, like I normally do.

I’ve packed now, I think I’ve done ok but honestly the fear is, I just won’t know until I’m actually in Bali and having to unpack or wear the things I’ve got. I didn’t adult very well, my mum had to help me pack because I had no idea where to start. It’s just such a tricky thing to pack, I’ve obviously packed for holidays myself before but this was different, next time I’ll be ready to do it myself, right?



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