F is for…

F is for face masks.

I swear my life recently is just face mask after face mask.

It’s become my go to when I feel gross.

Stick on a face mask and feel lush again.

I always end up Instagramming it too so I’ve actually created a highlight on my account just to show all the face masks I’ve been using, maybe this is the beginning of my beauty influencer career – yeah right.

I got into a habit of baths being my go to when I felt a bit low but face masks are way less effort and far less time consuming, 15 minutes of self-love, even I can make time for that, amongst all my life procrastinating!

It is also a really bad shopping addiction I am picking up on, buying tons of face masks, sheet ones, ones you peel off, ones you wash off, ones you leave to sink into the skin, you name it, I’ve been buying them.

I suppose, I’m saving money by not continuing with Birchbox so spending money on face masks is fine, right?

G is coming soon…

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