One line a day: Bali

Pre-trip thoughts (that aren’t one line)

Friday 20th April – Bali is going to come around so fast now. It’s less than a month and I need to step up my organising/packing.

Sunday 22nd April –Change of plan, we’ve cancelled our last evening with our Airbnb and I’m now researching new places to stay that are closer to the airport.

Saturday 5th May –I tried to lay my clothes out to look at planning my packing and I have to remember to pack light. Note to self: You do have to carry this backpack!

Sunday 6th May –I need to order my currency! I’m also hoping I can brainstorm lots of blog ideas whilst I’m on my long ass flight to Bali. I’ve just checked the weather and it says rain basically the whole time we’re there – wtf. Note to self: Pack a lightweight waterproof coat.

Thursday 10th May –I NEED TO START PACKING! Also, I’m starting to panic about this flight.

THE Trip

Monday 14th May – I’m so nervous and excited that I feel sick.

Tuesday 15th May – The stress of ‘did my bag get transferred at Dubai’ and arriving in Kuta!

Wednesday 16th May – 2am: ERIN’S HERE! Later that day: Exploring!!

Thursday 17th May – Monkeys are fucking scary but the temples they protect are super cute.

Friday 18th May – I swallowed so much sea water today, oh, and I surfed!

Saturday 19th May – Pretty temples and an UNESCO World Heritage site.

Sunday 20th May – DOLPHINS!! in Lovina and the best lunch ever at a local family homestay.

Monday 21st May – Hello Gili T!

Tuesday 22nd May – Today I conquered a fear – scuba diving.

Wednesday 23rd May – Snorkelling = TURTLES!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday 24th May – Hello Ubud!

Friday 25th May – Monkeys and chill (monkeys do not make me chill)

Saturday 26th May – 1717m of volcano and a 1:30am start LOL

Sunday 27th May – Goodbye Bali Intro, hello yoga, bartering and taxi mopeds!!

Monday 28th May – Last stop at Novotel Denpasar airport means lounging by the pool

Tuesday 29th May – See you later Erin and soaking up as much sun as possible before my flight tonight

Wednesday 30th May – This has been a looooong wait, take off FINALLY – 00:05! Later: I AM HOOOOME.


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