G is for

G is for Gym.

3/6/18: I had the day off work today and Josh was going to the gym with his friend, as they always do on a Sunday.

My plan for being home was to start my new full time role at work and get myself back into the gym. I went on Friday and eased myself back in with a weights session, I just did whatever Josh told me to do, so it was a nice easy start, no planning or thinking required.

Any way, today I knew I needed to get back into the gym with some cardio.

The first obstacle was forcing myself to go to the gym alone. I’ve done it before but I just lack the motivation to go on my own.

So I finally arrived at the gym and headed for the cross trainer. I decided to do 20 minutes and then do some weights, but then I decided to do 25 minutes, then 30 minutes. By the time I’d finished, I decided to stretch my legs and go home.

I just really wasn’t in the mood to do any heavy (ish) lifting and I’d done the cardio that I’d come for.

I was so happy I’d gotten up and gone, if I hadn’t got changed and left the house when I did, I never would have.

I gave myself half and hour today and I can’t wait to get back into the gym and start burning some of this fat again.

Self-care is being healthy, physically and mentally. The gym cures both of these, I feel 100% better about myself when I’m going most days so that’s my current goal.

H is coming soon…

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