I came, I saw, I conquered

When I was younger I went to Centre Parcs and tried a scuba diving for beginners lesson in the swimming pool with my Mum and brother. I forgot something important, couldn’t breathe and panicked so I got out and watched whilst my family did the second lesson. I’ve never ever wanted to try scuba diving again. Yet I was desperate to be able to do it.

Whilst on Gili T, as part of my Bali Intro tour, we had the opportunity to go scuba diving. I said no, hands down but my tour leader said he was going to try after having a bad experience himself when he tried for the first time. He said to try and if I hated it, I could try out of the pool and not go into the sea, because that was his plan too. So I got up and I went. I was super scared. The dive instructor asking if I was ok at one point and I just replied, “no, I’m shitting myself.”

I defo struggled, I was in no way a natural, although I suppose a huge can of air in your back means no one’s a natural.

The guys at Trawanagn Dive were amazing. They made everything seem simple and they laughed a lot – it all seemed so easy.

So I did it. I even rolled backwards off of the boat into the sea. I know I’m a lifeguard, but the sea panics me. I ain’t about that life, but I desperately wanted to be.

I loved scuba diving. We saw turtles and I could breathe underwater, which is every girl’s mermaid dream, and I just really enjoyed myself.

There was a strong current so we were limited by the amount of time we got to swim about on our own but as soon as we got out, I wanted to go again.

So I conquered a fear and I was 10/10 proud of myself. (I even text my mum and brother to gloat. My brother was so jealous.)

I feel like on this trip alone that I pushed myself out of my comfort zone. Adulting at its finest.

I am beyond ready to try some new things. More new adventures please, however they may appear.


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