New job (again)

I GOT A NEW JOB (again) but this time for real at another company.

Au revoir Horizon

Correct, I am finally leaving Horizon for good after 4 very long years and 10 months. Slightly disappointed I didn’t make it to 5 but I’ve sure I’ll get over that very quickly!

I am attempting my first real adult job as a Marketing Assistant at a company in Chandler’s Ford with a very young team. I’m so excited and beyond grateful that they’ve given me a chance.

In my interview they asked me if I’d been applying for other marketing jobs, “yes,” I replied, and also how the interviews had gone for them. I was brutally honest, “no one else has given me an interview. Everyone wants experience which I don’t have. That’s why I’m here, I am beyond jet-lagged, I landed 24 hours ago but there was no way I was missing this.”

I am a bit worried that I was delirious with jet-lag and so appeared like some cool, funny person and I’m going to turn up and they’ll be all confused and think I’m boring after a full nights sleep! All my current manager did was laugh when I told him, so I don’t know if maybe I am actually funny or he didn’t want to say, “yeah that’s true.”

Remember that other post?

So remember that post called New Job(ish)? So I actually started that contract on 1st June after getting back from Bali. I have worked (when writing this) for 5 days and on the 5th day, I handed in my notice!! How awful is that? I have been here for nearly 5 years but still, I felt so bad. The manager I told knew exactly what I was going to say before I even said it, I’ve known him for years and he could tell by the look on my face straight away. It was no secret that I was still applying for jobs else where, they knew that. Sod’s law that as soon as I bite the bullet and become full time that I finally get offered another job. To make it worse, I then also got an email inviting me in for an interview for a graduate role today!! Where have these people been for nearly 9 months of me applying left, right and centre?!

I cannot believe that the job that finally gets me out of Horizon was one I applied for in Bali. Bali was the best thing that has happened for a really long time and this just proves it. Whilst Erin went to the gym, I laid in bed and typed out a cover letter on my phone for a job that had come through in one of my many email job alerts! My CV was already loaded to the website and I just sent it off, not expecting to hear anything, like every other application. The next day I was waiting for my flight and had an email asking for an interview that Thursday (this was on Tuesday). I would land at midday on Wednesday and head to my interview on Thursday at 1:30pm. Absolute madness and I can’t believe how quick it’s been.

I can’t even tell you how grateful and happy I am that someone has given me this opportunity. I was absolutely buzzing when I found out, I just wanted to scream!

So here’s Ellie, a graduate with an adult job, doing adulty things and still pretending like I know what it actually is that adults do!

More adulting to come soon!! (I hope.)


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