Thank god I got a new job.

I’ve done three full weeks of being a lifeguard and I’m bored.


9th June

It’s my weekend off and I’ve had nothing much to do with it. I used to spend my time off applying for jobs and now I’m not sure what to do with myself.

It’s interesting how much emphasis I put on finding a job and the impact it had on my life. How did that become all I really did? I need to invest in some hobbies.

What do adults do for hobbies?

Is this why they end up doing boring things like food shopping and going to Ikea all weekend? Or hoovering for 5 hours every weekend?

Is this what my life will become? Is starting your career when you become a fully fledged adult, is this when you become boring?

Am I still allowed to nap?

Am I still allowed to binge a Netflix series in an afternoon?

I have spent weekends doing homework and assignments and lifeguarding for years. I’m unable to visit family every weekend and Josh works every Saturday. So where do I go on my own, what do I do?

I used to scrapbook but I haven’t for a while, for lack of money to print. I think I’m going to have to sign up to 10 million free print websites.

I need to try some new things, test out some new hobbies.

My recent trip has got me itching for new places. I’ve started wondering if searching for a new job to get me out of Horizon and my career started was the right move. The only issue was that Horizon pay wasn’t enough to sustain decent travels with the other things I had to pay for, I’d be saving forever for a very short trip, and whilst my new job pays better it’s going to be harder to go on long trips. I get 20 days holiday which isn’t enough to see certain places, however, my pay at Horizon wasn’t enough to see things for more than 2 weeks. Bali practically broke the bank. I need to find the balance.


Would I be brave enough to take a career break? Can you take a career break in your 20s? It is a career yet, maybe it’s just a gap year but when you’re older.

One thing though, I am so ready to start using my brain again in my new job. My brain feels like mush recently. You know when you wouldn’t do any work all through your summer holidays and you’d go back to school, it’d be weird to hold a pen, like you’d forgotten to write. That’s how my brain feels constantly. As part of my job application and interview process, I had to put together a 3 month campaign for a charity event my new company are doing. Honestly, it felt great to be using my brain and doing something creative, so I’m really excited about the opportunity for that kind of thing to be my full time job.

I want to love what I do, that’s the goal.


Until I can do some trips, I need to find something to keep me busy when I’m not at work. Surely there is something more I can do? I need a list of hobbies to try, suggestions welcome! Disclaimer: cannot involve shopping because it becomes an addiction, eek!! 

  • read
  • draw
  • paint
  • swim
  • origami
  • learn a language
  • geocaching
  • baking
  • cooking
  • astronomy
  • walking
  • puzzles
  • scrapbooking

25th June

The boredom struggle is still real. Even Josh said to me today before he left for work that I need a hobby!!! I think I’ll be ordering some photos as soon as Friday ‘pay day’ hits my bank account so that I can get back into some scrapbooking. So please please, send me some hobby tips!

Image: My own –Surprise ‘congratulations on your new job’ flowers after work. I’d made it through an 11 hour shift so please excuse my face…


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