World Cup Vs Love Island

Saturday 30th June

My opinion on Samira has changed. She did seem cold in the beginning and she seemed bitchy af but honestly this girl just needs some love. Why does everyone want a Megan when they could have a Samira? 10/10 to Megan though for trying to boost Samira’s confidence after her self-doubt on Friday nights episode.

Dani is still the best little thing to have appeared on the TV this year though. I actually can’t get over how nice she is. Her and Jack are such sweeties.

Also, it’s so weird that when something happens in the villa, we all end up shocked because we didn’t see it coming when the Islanders have seen it coming for a while. Obviously this makes good telly but also it just highlights that we have no idea what is actually going on in the villa and the people that go in are so so brave for putting themselves out there like that. For example, Casa Amor has truly livened things up this year, I feel more invested in this past week than I have for a while. Josh is now straying from Georgia which I didn’t see coming, BUT THE ISLANDERS DID. There was a clip of the boys talking and they said he was just coasting with Georgia, he was never really in it. Like hello, where did this come from please?! This is the juicy goss I want to be seeing. Poor Georgia though, I actually really like her and she doesn’t have a clue what’s coming.

WES HAS BETRAYED ME. Last time I raved about him and Josh and between the pair of them, I am a bit disappointed. I have a few friends who always say they’re really good at reading people, why do I not have this super power? I am so so bad at reading people and knowing if they’re good or bad for me until later on. I don’t actually know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing?


So I was supposed to write and get this uploaded by Tuesday but honestly guys, I’ve just had a weird week. So I started my new job which I was buuuuuuuzzzzing about and will definitely write a post about maybe next week so that I’m either at the end or part way through my second week. I also got distracted by the England match because, well, you know,

“it’s coming home.”

But honestly guys, I just have to be a let down and say, I’m actually so bored of Love Island again. Love is dead, not even Jack and Dani can change my mind on that (although Danny Dyer tweeting that he’s heading into the villa to sign Jack’s canvas might make me believe again). I also know that I have a boyfriend and that I am extreeeeemely lucky but also he’s never allowed to break up with me now because Love Island has taught me that boys/men from my generation are either trash or boring.

That or the producers type on paper is brown hair, six pack, silky smooth skin with a sprinkle of NO FUCKING PERSONALITY. And that is not what I want.

Either way, I actually just go to sleep when Josh puts Love Island on now, I open my eyes if I hear something interesting, so it’s more like a bedtime audio tape that I just ignore the majority of the noise that comes out of it.

I feel like the show has always been boring but the people in the villa have made it interesting and there is none of that this year. There’s no spiciness that makes me want to watch #sorrynotsorry

spoilers – 6th July

(depending how up to date you are with the show)

So Adam has finally left the villa. It’s weird because I think every one in the villa actually really liked him in the end and I think he was coming across a whole lot better on the TV than before. I hope when he gets out he reaches out to Zara. Also he would have been 10/10 at the stripping, heart rate challenge!

Also, in the space of a week, I have decided that I dislike Samira again.

Ellie isn’t a nice girl, unless you’re in her crowd of people. My Josh, not Josh in the villa, isn’t convinced that she even likes Charlie, who she’s coupled up with. Also, to wade into this Georgia argument and call her what she did, what the hell, it’s not even about you and why was there the need to call her ugly too. Girls don’t need to knock each other down. She’s very nasty and I was so for Alex telling her to leave the room. So for it.

Josh is still a bad guy…

Georgia has gone crazy and I want to give her a big cuddle, but also she did instigate that  kiss with Jack but I also remember him smiling after it. I’m sure a big lad like him could have stopped it if he wanted to.

I just think a lot of people need to get down off of their high horse but I imagine being bored af in the villa makes it really difficult to not gossip about other people.

Laura is really needy and really annoying me.

I feel like a lot of people on this years show have missed the point. It’s Love Island, no one is actually in a relationship or couple (except Jack and Dani) and it’s not like normal dating, it’s not properly exclusive unless you discuss it because the point is that the Love Island producers want you to kiss as many people as possible to make good TV. But as soon as people couple up, they’re acting as if they’re married and I dunno why.

Like I really don’t enjoy watching. I’m 100% not going to stop because now I’ve invested a lot of time into it, I feel like I need to follow it through. Like I said though, I’m not a fan of the characters they’ve put into the villa this year.

I have, however, been fully invested in the 2018 World Cup. I come from a football family but really fell out of love with the English league so I only ever really get into the Euros or the World Cup. Honestly, you’ll hear me complaining to Josh about the fact that he makes me watch MOTD every Saturday but I’ve really enjoyed sitting with him watching all the matches. We’ve even invested in a World Cup sticker book! Yes I think this is the peak of adulting.

To conclude

You should follow Gareth Southgate’s example of manners and calm composure because you’d rather go home and know you did your best, than go home and find out your family hate you because of your behaviour in the villa.

P.S. It’s coming home!

P.P.S. I cannot believe it has taken me over a week to write this, I’ve just felt quite uninspired with what to write about recently. Hopefully I’ll be back on my game ASAP


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