OOTD (every day)

ommmmmmmmg who knew that not having a uniform for work would make my life so difficult?

I have been trying to cut down on my spending and my clothes, well this new job has thrown that right out of the window. The dress code where I work is so casual which would be fine if it was autumn or winter because they’re my perfect seasons, I’m a jumper, jeans and trainers gal through and through BUT it’s summer. We’re in the middle of this British heatwave but it’s lasting unusually longer than a week. I got sunburnt and have been having to wear t-shirts so that my new colleagues don’t see how bad my back is peeling but literally like I have nothing to wear to work that is summery and also comfortable enough to sit in for 8 and a half hours…….

I’m not saying bring back the hideous yellow lifeguard uniform, in fact, I don’t WANT a uniform, but life was so much easier!!

So now I have to go shopping for clothes, specifically tops. RIP my bank account and my sanity.

Also, it’s so hard to find the line between wearing something that is cool enough in this heat and that is appropriate for the office. I’m constantly having to wonder if I’m flashing or too much skin is out or if my shorts are long enough. The only guidelines I was really given is, you can wear what you want, as long as you don’t turn up to work in a black bin bag. I can manage that, right?

I was meant to take photos of my outfit to show how casual I looked every day but I’ve forgotten A LOT so it’s gonna take a while before I have examples of how chill I look.

I shamelessly took a photo sat at my desk the other day of my outfit as I forgot whilst I was at home. When I say shamelessly, no one else was in the office but you know, it’s still kind of weird in case someone walks in! My manager literally walked in 1 minute later.

Honestly though, the wearing what I want thing makes everything so easy, I can go straight from work to the cinema or straight to the pub to watch the World Cup semi-final and still look chill af.

I’m trying to dress with as little effort as possible so that I can be comfy whilst sat at a desk and on my lengthy(ish) commute whilst remaining cool in this humidity!! I am too British to deal with the heat, bring on autumn when I can wear jumpers and jeans and trainers and scarves to my hearts content! Let me know what you think in the comments below.



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