D is for designing

It’s been a while since I’ve done any of my Alphabet Dating series but Josh and I have been brainstorming some ideas.

Josh came up with the idea for D.

He is obsesssssssssed with trainers, something he’s started passing onto me like a bad shopping disease, and has recently been interested in changing his own clothing style. He’s also always said he’d love to create an outfit for me because he pulls clothes out when we go shopping and they’re 100% not things I would usually wear.

So D is for Designing

We designed an outfit for each other using ASOS and then we used the Nike iD to design a pair of trainers for each other.

The perfect date night as we were in bed after a busy day but could still do something fun together! Laziness at its peak.

I’m a designer now

It’s safe to say, I wasn’t very good at this. I spent a lot of time designing some trainers, which Josh actually really liked! The clothes are where things went wrong.

I actually managed to find a nice distressed grey jean jacket that Josh said he would consider buying for real but apart from this and the trainers, it was a little downhill. Josh is 100% a T-shirt guy but I wish he wore more shirts because he looks really good in them. I couldn’t find any shirts that I was particularly in love with but I wanted something with a pattern, think I might have to work on this for a while and give him an idea in a few weeks – oops! There was a nice enough shirt that I found and Josh agreed it was ok but it didn’t wow us.

I just thought it would be easy to pair a nice patterned shirt with some black ripped jeans and a good pair of trainers.

Basically, I am THE WORST DESIGNER EVER and in conclusion I have absolutely no sense of style but I did make some sick trainers. So sort of a win/lose situation.

Josh is the designer in this relationship

Josh actually did really well and I feel like he cheated with this being his idea so he probably already had inspiration for what he wanted to dress me in!

In the past year we’ve gotten really interested in NFL since seeing a game at Twickenham Stadium, and I am so into the retro NFL sweatshirts. I’d also recently been looking at mom jeans but struggling to find any to fit me properly.

He designed two pairs of trainers, Air Force 1s with a red swoosh, sole, inner lining and rear tag, as well as a pair of Air Max 95s which were also a mix of red and white but only the Air Force 1s saved. I could choose between the trainers and then these would be paired with black mom jeans, a black belt with silver buckle and the NFL sweatshirt tucked in.

I am actually really tempted to buy this jumper!! It’s a pretty solid outfit to be honest and I’m super impressed by his choices.

Let me know what you think of these clothing posts down in the comments, and also if you’d like to see how I’m managing to dress myself for work each day in Instagram stories, following on from my last blog post OOTD (Everyday).

There’ll be a life update coming very soon I hope!


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