Life Changes

I’m moving into Josh’s (parents house).

I have practically been living there for the past 2 years but now it’s official. I’m packing up my room and leaving my mum’s house.


It actually wasn’t even really my decision or something I asked for. It got to a point that Josh and I would sleep together every night and then it would always be at Josh’s house. In the end Josh quit uni and was talking about things with his parents and between the 3 of them they decided on Josh’s rent and what the rent would be if I moved in and basically that I should move in. They’ve literally been so good about everything.

Josh’s parents have been so good helping to make suggestions and space for all my things and Josh has been trying really hard to reorganise his own things so that his room won’t just be his anymore.

If you were moving into your own home, it’d be so easy to find space for all of your things, but I have to fit my things into Josh’s room and the rest into boxes to be stored. This means packing things up that I probably won’t see for 3+ years until we can afford our own home. It’s so weird trying to decide what I NEED and what I can’t throw but don’t need every day, and if things don’t fit into these categories, then it goes into one of four categories:

  • bin
  • recycling
  • charity bag
  • can I sell it?

I’ve got so many little things that I don’t want to part with but that can’t have space in Josh’s room like fairy lights and candles and little cactus shaped vases.

Any way, I literally don’t know what to do with half of my things so I’ve had to wait for today (Sunday) when Josh and I have a day off together to be able to sort through it. Sucks that I’m kind of wasting out one day of the week off together but I have to be moved out by the end of July otherwise I have to pay rent to my mum for another month, so I have to stick to the deadline that I’ve given myself! Also, to make it more difficult, today is the day that the country has decided to piss it down with rain after being ridiculously hot and extremely dry for weeks – typical!

Adulting is sticking to deadline you’ve set for yourself.

So moving has felt stressful which has found me organising my diary and planning ahead instead as a way to cope. For example, 2 of my uni friends are coming to visit in a few weeks and instead of planning an itinerary at the last second, I’ve already been thinking about it and actually checking prices for things. Including thinking about dinner reservations – how adult of me!!

This whole situation has also got me looking into housing ISAs too, I’d been planning to set one up any way but have been spending a lot of time paying off my student overdraft here and there. So the plan is July pay day will pay it off and August pay day will mean I’m ready to set one up because it’s something that I can’t waste time on any more.

Between moving and my new job I’ve not been on the ball with blog posts but I’ve been working on it this weekend and there’s a few posts to come  so thanks for sticking with me!

If you missed it, you can check out last week’s blog post about trainers and outfit designing here.

There should be a post coming this week about my first month working in my new job, until then you can get a little taster of one thing I’ve had to start thinking about due to my new job having a casual dress code: OOTD (every day).

Speak to you soon!!


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