Congrats m8

It has begun

Nothing can make you feel more like an adult than when your friends start getting married. We were invited to a wedding reception recently and it was super lovely but also a little bit weird to think that our school friends were tying the knot.

Then the weirdest thing happens and your best friend gets engaged! Honestly I knew it was going to happen soon(ish) but it doesn’t make it any less weird. I am beyond happy for her but also I still look at her and see us as weird little 11 year olds so an engagement is craaaaazy.

Also, the worst part? I want to buy her an engagement present but I am honestly awful at buying presents!! Like it’s been a while, nearly a week, I should have found a present by now surely? You’re probably thinking you can’t type this, she’ll probably read it but I already had to ask for her FIANCÉ‘s address because her family are moving house, so she knows soooooomething is coming. Honestly though, how do you find the perfect engagement gift for the girl that has been with you through thick and thin since 2007? I know she’d say she doesn’t want anything but that’s not an option tbh. My brain can’t deal with it to be honest, maybe that’s why I’m sucking even worse at buying a present.

I am buzzing, they’re the nicest couple and I can’t wait to celebrate.

It has definitely made me start to feel adulty though! At the wedding reception we went to, one of my friends joked “you’re next,” and I made the joke right back at her as her boyfriend was stood next to us. It’s really not going to be happening for a looooooong ass time, we need a house first because, honestly, who can afford to save for a wedding and a house at the same time? Nobody in my generation that’s for sure.

Scary adult shit but also, the kind of adult shit that makes your heart melt and makes your mouth say all the weird clichés your mum says to family friends!

I can’t wait to catch up with my best friend and just hug her loads and find out everything. I could text her and find out but how rubbish would that be? I won a bottle of gin in a work raffle so that’s my plan – crack it open with her!

Congratulations Jess and James!! You deserve all the happiness in the world.

Team Rocket 4 eva

Love ya xx


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