HOLLER AND GLOW: Purrfect Pedi Review

£4, Primark

So I bought the Purrfect Pedi at Primark. It’s from Holler and Glow, I’ve seen reviews about their face masks so I bought a few face products along with this foot peel.

I decided it would be a good product to review and oh wow, the review did not go well, or should I say, the product didn’t. I’ve just been looking at other reviews and none of them are particularly good either.

I wrote my review a really long time ago now but other blogs that I want to write more came up!

15th July

The packet says they’re a ‘sock mask’ for ‘transforming intensive foot peel magically removes and smoothes calluses and rough skin’.

You wear the socks for a 60-90 minutes, and basically within 7-10 days after applications, dead skin will peel away.

I’d been really apprehensive about doing it since a lady in Superdrug heard my friends and I talking about foot peels and let us know her thoughts. She said she’d recently used one and now her feet felt amazing but that it was kind of gross for a while whilst it was peeling.

I wish I’d read the instructions before I bought the peel, it didn’t think you’d have to wear it for so long, I thought it would be 1-3 days roughly. How wrong I was.

So I’m finally biting the bullet and giving it a go.

First thoughts

  • It smells W E I R D, it’s quite a chemically smell
  • The design seems even more hideous than the smell
  • Do not attempt to walk! I stood up from the floor and sat on the edge of the bed, that was a struggle enough. I’ve also realised that I haven’t made my lunch for work tomorrow but now I have to wait an hour, until 22:50, when I can do something about it.
  • The instructions say tie the socks around your ankle, mine came up higher because if I’d cut them down to size any more, then I would have cut off the sticky tab used to seal the socks. Now I’m really worried that it’s going to peel all the way up to my ankles!
  • Look how huge they are:

Purrfect pedi sock

I still have 20 minutes left and I want to take these sock things off so badly! They’re so weird and I’m not convinced at the moment that I’ll ever do them again.

Dobby is free


I honestly feel like Dobby expect I want the socks gone, instead of on.

They took the colour off from my toe nail varnish! Wth was in these things! I had blue polish on and now most of them are shite or a really pale blue!!

21st July

The foot peeling begins

28th July

I’m not convinced. Also, the top of my feet have gone flaky rather than peeled. I just don’t think much has actually peeled.

Final thoughts


I won’t be repurchasing and I honestly think it’s a waste of money.

Maybe if you bought another brand it would work but if they’re a long process like this one then I won’t be bothering. I’m sure there’s a way to get my feet beach ready without all of this hassle.

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