How do you deal with “meh”?

Ok but what do you do to deal with days when you feel super meh?

Like when you’re a student, it happens and maybe you have a day in bed or you go to the pub for day drinks or you go to Creams and eat your body weight in Nutella and waffle.

But what do you do when you have to get up and go to work, but you feel like trash?

At my old job, I’d obviously wake up and feel like this but you were always working as a team and usually had someone to chat to and laugh with or you could just hide all day with them and take an easy day or you’d be constantly busy and not even be able to think about feeling like trash because by the time you realised, it was lunch time and then you only had 3 hours left until home time!

I was in the worst mood on Tuesday. I honestly felt like everything was wrong, just the whole feeling at work and how I felt about myself and my ability to do marketing. Honestly, just trash.

How do you tackle feeling like that whilst at work?

I felt so ready to tackle work the next day and I think I did it well, but it is definitely hard to stay motivated for the whole day.

Once I got home, I cooked some nice food, lots of veg, which felt super good and then about an hour later, I felt like trash.

I was meant to go to the gym. I decided it wouldn’t make me feel better so I stayed at home and I did a face scrub, then a nose pore strip and eye hydrating mask, whilst painting my nail. A proper pamper session! I watched “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before,” which is honestly one of the greatest Netflix originals ever and I wish I had come across the book as a teenager! ❀️

It has made me feel 80% better. But how do I achieve this feeling at work? How do I feel productive and confident in my ability? I know it’s a new place and a new job role so it’s going to take time but I just feel like something is missing from my knowledge and what I should be doing! I feel like I need structure and training. Whether that comes from me organising myself better, somehow, or somewhere else.

Any tips on how to structure your working? One thing I’m not convinced that I managed to teach myself at uni! I was organised but also super last minute and I don’t know how you can be both! I’d just work really well under pressure and then I’d tell myself diamonds are made under pressure but it wasn’t a 1st degree diamond that I made. 2:1 is pretty good but it’s not a diamond so clearly last minute pressure isn’t the goal! πŸ˜‚

Share your tips!!


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