Where u been?


I know there’s been quite a bit of a break on here, I’ve actually only posted once, right at the beginning of September!

I’ve been busy writing lots of blogs at work and I think that, paired with a mixture of not so much adulting to write about, I’ve been left a little uninspired for my personal blog.

I started doing a bunch of planning to become inspired again and be able to come back sharing some SICK AF blogs but I don’t think I’ve even looked at it since I spent the few hours doing it. At least I know that they’re there waiting for me to write.

I’ve decided October is when I get back into smashing this because when I’m writing and working hard to build this, I love it. It’s just hard to keep up sometimes with everything going on and honestly how do you balance work, going to the gym, a relationship, a social life AND writing a blog? But that’s something I’ve got to work out.

So this is just a little update of what I hope will come. It also means I have to hold myself to it because I’ve written it down for the internet to see, and the internet is forever….

So hopefully here’s some upcoming blog plans and if there’s anything else you’d like me to write about, please let me know.

MORE Alphabet Dating myself & with Josh

– Research into microbeads in beauty

– Life goals

– 3 Months into my new job already!

– What I’m learning about office life and Marketing

– Adulting: Expectations Vs Reality

– Adulting explained in less than 140 characters

– Adulting is a skill

– Adulting: A love/hate relationship

There’s a few other ideas and I’m going to keep brainstorming too so fingers crossed we can get this back up and running!


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