Finish this Sentence: Adulting is…

I decided to try something new for my first blog post back, maybe it was me being lazy or maybe it was me being a bit more creative but I asked Twitter and Instagram to let me know what Adulting meant to them, and I also asked people to finished the sentence ‘Adulting is…’

I talk about adulting in all my blog posts and what it means to me so it was time to find out what you guys think! I absolutely L O V E D some of the responses and thank you so so much to everyone that helped a gal out, your help and support is the best! Definitely reminded me why I do the blogging but it did also remind me why I need to improve my blogging because I definitely get over 100 people viewing my Instagram stories so the goal is to get at least half of those people replying next time! I could be improving this so so much more if people could help me a little. Feedback/support/comments/shares on ANY platform – Insta, Twitter, Facebook, even Snapchat – it all helps!! Thanks to everyone who has helped the past couple of days, you da best.

The responses!


Adulting is…

@mcnicol94 – “The unknown. Biggest obstacle of my life”

@fearghalconroy – “Paying council tax”

@tashacoleman19 – “Trying to be ok with only having four week off a year”

^^This is my favourite answer from Instagram!

@lukexwilko – “Horrific”

^^This is my second favourite because I can hear exactly how dramatic Luke is saying it in my head!

@misspeachr – “Having to book dentist appointments on your own”

^^Honestly, yes and also having to go along to the appointments on my own!

@lawrencemarinaccio – “Having control over your destiny in life, getting out what you put in – you can’t cruise this one”

@tashacoleman19 – “Expensive”

@leegladman87 – “Overrated”

@lydiaaeveritt – “Hardwork”

@nathan_t_montgomery – “Stressful”

Honestly, preach guys!


@MegGriessel – “Fucking killing me inside. This shit is hard and I don’t think anyone adults perfectly. If they do, can they hmu”

Preach Meg, we feel ya.

@misspeachr – “Dealing with consequences”

@iamtherumour – “Doing important things for the first time after a quick phone call to Mum to confirm how to do said important thing”

Muuuuum, am I doing this right? Muuuuuum, how do I cook pasta?

@jominicdone – “Realizing that you have to put time and effort into maintaining friendships and then doing it. Also managing money between getting paid”

Honestly, there has never been a greater challenge than trying to get my friends in one place at the same time!

@LBeadman – “Scheduling your free time is the biggest one for me, planning and going to events with friends rather than inviting people over to ‘my house,’ a house you had no real control over”

YES! Pressure to actually do something when you meet up with people even though you all know you have no money and say “something cheap” when someone says, “what do you wanna do?” Also for me, I moved into my boyfriend’s parent’s house so I can’t exactly just invite friends over! So I have to text my mum and see if people can come there, but it’s so weird at the end of the evening when I leave with them all too….

@sophyedmunds – “Talking about taxes in the group chat instead of hangovers”

Honestly, we talk about banking and ISAs all the damn time. I am to blame mostly. You can read how I got on at the bank when I tried to take a loan out HERE.Β 

^^This is definitely one of my favourite responses from Twitter!

@jjsc1995 – “Paying for things I don’t want to pay for”

^^My boyfriend, everyone, who’d rather spend all his money on trainer drops (but occasionally, it means I get nice trainers too – shhh!)

@EvaPoliszczuk – “Moving from white wine to red”

^^Martin would be proud! Also, a favourite!

@NikkitaMonteiro – “Going to the gym by yourself”

@gothviking – “Adulting is hard so nap instead. Or adulting is about growth and perseverance”

Definitely, nap!

@alexbakerman – “Doing all the things that you’ve suddenly realised that you’ve got to do, because no one is doing it for you any more. It’s both horrific and amazing, all at the same time”

@NikkitaMonteiro – “A piece of cake. Said no one ever”

@kfielderr – “Being responsible for your own actions and emotions – it means you don’t need to put up with other people’s BS, at the same time they don’t need to put up with yours”

Which was your favourite response? To be honest, adulting is so complicated and there’s so many things to think about that I don’t know how my brain doesn’t physically explode, it definitely feels like it does some days. Today I managed to go to work and do all the things I needed to do but as soon as I tried to do anything remotely practical like open a packet or drive home from work, I just seemed to be all fingers and thumbs and completely zoned out.

The important thing is, everyone understands how you’re feeling and even more important, I’m gonna keep chatting shit about my life and trying to be an adult so thanks for being here and thanks for (hopefully) sticking around for what’s to come!

Finish the sentence, “Adulting is…” in the comments! Read my responses to Adulting is…

You’re doing amazing sweetie, keep it up!


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