1 Year On

How has it already been a year?

It’s been a year since I started my blog, so what have I learnt?

Honestly, so much.

You can find a list of all the things that I’ve learnt in my list, Adulting is…

You can also find a list of all the things that my audience think Adulting is in my latest blog post, Finish This Sentence: Adulting is…

Other things I’ve learnt in the past year…

1. I am resilient AF

2. Blogging is sooooooo hard to keep up regularly

3. Lack of retweets, shares and likes doesn’t mean people aren’t reading your blog.

Seriously the amount of people who have told me they read my blog or complimented me on one of the articles is beyond nice and is such a boost and probably the only reason I have been able to carry on, even when I’m struggling to stay positive.

4. It’s extremely hard to build up an audience for a blog

5. When you believe in the work you’re doing and the goals of a business, it’s so easy to enjoy work and want to be there.

I started this blog to be able to get a job, then it became a hobby and I didn’t really believe it would go any where. A year later, I am out of the leisure centre who ARE all the bad analogies of bad employers and bad management (apart from the amazing team of Duty Managers that I had chance to work with), now I am working for a company who have big goals, love what they do and are genuinely inspiring to listen to. 

6. Don’t do what you hate

Life’s too short to be stuck doing shit that makes you miserable 

7.  I’ve learnt that days out of the office are so much fun and they make you feel extra adulty

Yes I was a basic white girl, getting a caramel latte dressed in my teddy bear coat, getting a train back to the office!

8. I’ve been learning about Marketing and SEO. I’ve also learnt that there’s a LONG way to go!

It’s made me realise that one day if this blog can be more successful (with all of your help), then I could upgrade to a paid version of WordPress and be able to improve my blog even more, honestly, the dream to be able to do something so successful and so flexible. 

Obviously this doesn’t mean I want to leave where I work, I LOVE where I work and I hope I can keep working and growing, and figure out what the end goal is there! Do I want to be Marketing Manager one day? 

9. I’ve learnt that when you’re stuck… Google it.


10. I’ve learnt that absolutely NO ADULTS know what they’re doing

A few older friends have said this to me, but recently I went to a Digital Marketing course in London, which was great, and I was chatting to a few people during one of the breaks, my blog had been mentioned and I was explaining it to them. One lady over heard and just said, “No adults know what they’re doing really,” and for a stranger to just say it in conversation was so comforting and honest and I really appreciated a middle aged lady, with a child, just being honest about that to a group of strangers, all similar ages to me. 

11. I’ve learnt that people change, and then change again

12. There’s nothing more important than making plans to hang out with your favourite people

Plan, plan, plan. Book weeks in advance if it means getting the group together for one night! 

13. I’ve learnt about Industrial Process Pumps

This is the industry I work in now and I actually said, “that’s a cool video!” The video was a “How does [a certain type of] Pump work,” my sales director’s response? “Things Ellie didn’t think she’d be saying a year ago!” SO TRUE.

14. I’ve been learning how office life works

I think this was one of the hardest things to grasp and to be honest, I’m still trying to work out new offices challenges all the time. This isn’t the leisure centre any more where some of the people are professional, others THINK they’re professional but are actually just snakes at 40 behaving like 14 year olds, and the rest of them have just finished their GCSEs! Then the 2% that are left are ABSOLUTE LEGENDS – you know who you are.

15. I’ve learnt that I can leg press far more than I thought I’d be able to

16. I’ve learnt that you can make everything you want to happen, happen with a little hardwork and planning

17. I’ve learnt not to pass up opportunities.

For me I think this has been one of the most important things of the past year, as a student there was always a reason I couldn’t do something. If it was too much hard work it just didn’t seem feasible. Honestly, these are my biggest regrets, not taking every opportunity by the horns, being too safe and settled in my ways to not push the boundaries. This past year has been up and down, and as clichéd as it sounds, I think I’m finally coming into my own and figuring things out. 

18. Everyone’s life is moving at a different pace, and that’s ok! You don’t have to keep up, you don’t have to be one step ahead, you can coexist with people at different points in their life.

I’ve got friends tying the knot, those that already tied it, friends off on their travels and those thinking about mortgages. 

Josh and I did the weekly food shop this week as his parents are away for half-term. I was joking about how adulty we were doing a weekly food shop for ourselves (even though I would do this every week at uni). We had driven to the shop in Josh’s mum’s car so there was space for the shopping, because anyone that has seen my car knows how much crap I actually keep in my boot, there’s no space for food, and with Josh’s parents credit card as we pay rent which includes our food. When I joked about being adults, Josh replied, “Doing the shopping in a car we don’t own, with a card we don’t own, driving back to a house we don’t own!” This had us giggling, super adulty, right? More adulting that some people my age, I assume. 

19. Pushing yourself a little bit at a time out of your comfort zone is honestly the greatest and most rewarding feeling.

For example, this year I pushed myself onto a plane to Bali alone and then I gave Scuba Diving another go after being pretty terrified and shaking the whole way through the training. Scuba Diving in the sea was one of the best things I’ve ever done, read about my trip to Bali here >>> One Line A Day: Bali <<<

20. You only get out of a situation what you put into it. Don’t hold back.

I have learnt so so much in the past year and I just know that the next year can only be better. I’m planning, I’m getting more confident and I’m starting to believe I can achieve things.

In fact, after writing this I’m feeling so much more comfortable with blogging again. It’s been so hard to get back into it, even though I promised myself I would.

Find the promise here >> Where U Been? <<

I’ve been trying to write something up for ages, on the computer, on my phone, by hand (which is usually how I get the juices flowing), nothing has worked. I was starting to lose hope that the blog just wouldn’t carry on, but I’m back! I am so ready to take this on again and I’m hoping all the tiny little notes, half written blogs or opening sentences of potential blogs are going to now flow and spark so mcuh creativity, I’ll have blogs coming out left, right and centre.

Make sure you follow me on Twitter and Instagram to join in with any more ‘Finish This Sentence’ challenges and to just keep up with me in general!

T: @cl_elliie

I: @elledoesadulting

Thanks a bunch for reading, see you soon!


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