Conceal & Define Full Coverage Foundation

I had to make my own decision

I tested the new Revolution foundation, a few times actually. I’d seen most people loved it and then I saw a video by Steph Toms, whose videos I absolutely LOVE, she really hated the foundation which she actually got a lot of hate for. Her job is literally to review make up and be honest, and then people trolled her for it, wth?

So any way, the video made me decide that I had to test it for myself so I did a Superdrug order.

First off, the pictures that I took of the make up are from a day that a cold started. I’d avoided it all week from people in the office and then on Friday, just in time for the weekend, I woke up with a full on cold. So obviously the make up wiped off of my nose straight away.

The Smell

I noticed that the foundation smells weird! It’s just not the nicest smell to be honest and when it’s on your face and around your nose it’s pretty hard to miss at 6am in the morning! I didn’t notice it much throughout the day but every now and again I’d just catch the smell, not the best.

The  Bottle

It’s easy to put on your face though with the doffer applicator, not sure I’m a fan of the bottle style though, definitely not going to be able to get every last scrape of the foundation! It’s also difficult to work out how much you need with a doffer, I tend to blend as much as possible and then I’ve usually had to add more.

The Price

The foundation was £9 which is obviously a very good price, however, I mentioned before in my Current Faves that I loved the Maybelline Super Stay Foundation. That foundation is only £9.99 and you get more product, and it doesn’t sink into my face. I’m still alternating between the foundations, trying different things with powder and seeing which is going to best overall, although at the moment, it’s still Maybelline!

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The Coverage

The coverage is ok, you definitely have to add more to get the fullest coverage though. The foundation also sunk into my face in silly places. It actually didn’t seem to flake and look cakey and clogged like the popular Revolution foundation stick did on my skin but it managed to find places to sink into that I’ve never had foundation sink into before! For example, a line across my forehead, who knew, with a little bit of blending it tends to look ok for a little bit again before setting back into lines on my face.

Picture Perfect? (I think not)

Early application!

Here’s the pictures from the first day that I tried the new Revolution foundation…

I definitely didn’t realise how wonky my facial expressions were. Please excuse my face being so puffy, these photos are taken about 7am, having woken up to day 1 of a cold, when I’m about to leave for my hour commute to work! Powders and the rest of my make up settled on top of the foundation fine, everything seemed positive.

After work

The next images show the look of my face after a day at work. As I mentioned before, I did blend the foundation in, in a few places during the day and I completely demolished the foundation, powder and highlighter within 5 minutes of taking the first lot of photos, to blow my nose – how annoying…

These photos were taken at 4:50 on a Friday afternoon. On a Friday I work 8-4, so a shorter day that Monday-Thursday but the foundation still had chance to be on my face from about 6:30am when I put it on, so a solid 10 hours.


Please excuse my facial expression in the first picture.

I mean you can already see how red my nose is from my cold in that 3rd picture and that’s only day 1 of the cold!!

It’s also very obvious that this foundation had not lasted all day. Whilst I expected the foundation on my nose to suffer, there seems to be absolutely no foundation left on my cheeks. The only things left are my mascara, a little bit of highlighter and my eyebrows! Not particularly ideal…

Please visit my Instagram account to see some actual nice photos of me – haha.


Overall I’m probably not going to be repurchasing the foundation, it’s just not right for me and it’s easy to see why Steph had issues with it. My advice would be, you can always buy it and test it, £9 isn’t going to ruin your life. It could be the best £9 you ever spend and you’ll wonder why you’ve been forking out for a different foundation this whole time.

I also want to point out that I really love Revolution. It’s definitely one of those love or hate brands, I think the prices of the products used to be reflected in the quality, I started off buying their eyeshadows because I was new to eyeshadow and didn’t see the point of experimenting with an expensive as fuck Mac or Urban Decay palette. I’m so happy that the brand is improving all the time, the formulas of the eyeshadow are so much better now and honestly, the majority of their powder products are great. Between the 4 sister brands, Revolution Beauty are smashing it, bringing out new products nearly every week, I cannot keep up. It’s very exciting but can’t understand how they’re keeping it up!

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