Revolution Skincare Review


  • Revolution Skincare London
  • Blemish & Pore Refining Serum
  • Vegan & Cruelty Free
  • 30ml
  • £6 @ Revolution Beauty, also available at Superdrug

I had been in the process of weighing up whether to try out some of The Ordinary skincare for a while. Around the time that I was starting to look seriously at buying something, Revolution Make up London or Revolutions Beauty London (I honestly just get so confused and the packaging actually saying Revolution Skincare London – who can keep track?) released their first lot of skincare, which was very similar in price, packaging and ingredients to The Ordinary. I was actually comparing the two online.

Then I saw something in the news about problems with the owner of the company and it either closing down or not making the skincare any more, either way, it wasn’t an option and I didn’t see the point of trying something out, potentially falling in love with it for it to then stop being made. It was for a very similar reason, I cancelled my subscription to Birchbox, they would often introduce you to brands and products that you would fall in love with, then when you decided it was time to purchase it in full, they would be from France or they’d only be available on the Birchbox website but sold out, or they’d be available in the UK but for about £40. Potentially marketing towards the wrong target audience.

The Revolution Serum

So any way, in the past few months I had become convinced that the pores around the centre of my face are obvious. My friends have told me otherwise but I still wasn’t convinced, so I decided that this would be the serum I would try first from Revolution.

The serum is supposed to be used every morning and every night, put a little on the areas prone to blemishes, with blemishes or where you feel like your pores are obvious. I would apply it to my T-zone, nose and a little on my cheeks.

Revolutionary Serum or a waste of money?

I didn’t notice any differences for quite a while but decided I would stick with the serum, I didn’t expect to see results over night so I thought I would try and use it for at least a month and then decide. I’ve used the serum pretty consistently, with only a handful of mornings or nights where I haven’t applied it.

To make the test fair, I also stopped using the balanceme Congested Skin Serum, which I loved and spoke about in my Current Faves. I was still moisturising as normal, most mornings and every night.

I will say that the serum is reasonably priced and I have been using it for over a month and am not even half way through the bottle, I would say a quarter of the way through so if it works for you and your skin, it’s not a pricey choice and will still last you for ages.

The Serum isn’t for me.

It dried the skin out on my forehead and on my cheeks. Foundation would not sit right on it, I tried exfoliating my face but nothing helped, the skin was just too try. The only place it didn’t dry out was my nose, which is probably oiler than the rest of my face, and I did notice some pore refining on my nose, however, I still had a few instances of red blemishes right on the tip of my nose, Rudolph without the happy festivities! I decided to stop using the serum and see what happened. I carried on moisturising and washing my face as normal and found that the moisture seems to be restored to the dry areas. It’s been about a week since I stopped using the Revolution Serum.

I actually started using the balanceme serum again and my blemishes have started clearing up, I forgot how much I loved this stuff!

Finding the right thing for your skin is so pricey and difficult because it’s just a matter of trial and error which costs money, time and self esteem if your skin reacts badly, but when you find the good stuff, everything will just fall into place!


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