We’re just a couple of kids in a crazy world, trying to work out what the F is going on. You’re in your twenties, you’re the big ‘A’ but how can you be if you don’t know how to clean your own clothes, pay your own taxes, hell, you don’t even want to go to a dentist appointment alone.

This is me, explaining my adulting journey as a graduate, 22, confused about life whilst still trying to remember I’m young and should be having fun.

Enjoy! x

Hi, I’m Ellie, the voice behind the ramblings of elledoesadulting.

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I’m just trying to document the struggles of being a young adult when, to be honest, you don’t even think you’re an adult, not a day over 18. So this is a lifestyle blog, just little old me trying to work things out and talking about things that are going on or things that I’m trying out.

How did we get here?

I promised myself I’d quit my part time job once I graduated. That was July 2017, I finally handed in my notice in June 2018. I told myself I was making steady progress, whilst having weeks where I didn’t feel like I was making any progress at all. I couldn’t find the “adult” job that I wanted and I’ve also been in the mood to travel but money isn’t readily available. Dilemmas, more like, first world problems.


To be honest, I’ll probably moan and talk about things that people don’t agree with, tell me, I’d love a good discussion. Honestly, though, I know that life could be a whole lot worse and I’m very lucky that it’s not but sometimes you just gotta moan about things and I think that’s ok, as long as you appreciate the things you’ve got.

I started writing this blog because I was really interested in getting into a publishing or editorial job and people kept asking for samples of my work, but all I had were academic essays – boring for potential employers. I’m just about to start my career in marketing which is something that I’ve become super interested in since starting this blog, I am just so eager to learn more about it! In fact, this blog helped me land the job and showing that I had something to write and something to my character, so stick with me and I hope you enjoy what I write.

If you do enjoy anything I write, please share it with your friends on any social media and let me know what you think in the comments. If you have any questions, I’d be more than happy to answer them!

I hope I make plodding through your twenties seem like a bit of a giggle, even if it’s at my expense.

Thanks for reading!



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